While online degree programs offer great flexibility, Virginia College recognizes that this unique learning opportunity isn't for everybody.

[USPRwire, Thu Mar 01 2007] In response to an increasing need for non-traditional classes and flexible learning environments, particularly for returning students, Virginia College has developed a curriculum that rivals that of standard brick and mortar universities. While many students inquire about the wide variety of online degrees at Virginia College, which range from Business Administration to Health Services Management, not every student is equipped for the challenge of online schools.

Stan Banks, President of Virginia College Online, observes, “Some people think attending an online school means they get easy classes or a less-than-strenuous program. That is not true. Our curricula are demanding in order to produce graduates who are able to compete with those from any other college, online or traditional, in the workforce. Successful online students are motivated, disciplined and willing to work to acquire the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful.”

The success of an online education depends just as much on the traits of the student as the quality of the college. There are several key factors that indicate whether a student is likely to be successful in an online degree program like those offered at Virginia College. Online education requires discipline and time management skills to be able to both work and devote enough time to coursework. Students must be able to get their point across in writing, as there is little verbal interaction with instructors. Online schools like Virginia College require students to be comfortable using computers and the Internet.

Because Virginia College recognizes that online schools aren't for everybody, they offer potential students an actual online course with no obligation. The course teaches the basics of taking classes via the Internet and is available on the main campus web page: http://www.vconline.edu, by choosing “student login,” then selecting the “orientation” link.

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