A disappointed group of california Homeowners wants the California Bar Association to keep looking at misconduct complaints filed by scores of people.

[USPRwire, Mon Jun 14 2010] A group of homeowners have joined together in solidarity in asking the California Bar Association to investigate the complaints against The Feldman Law Center over the last several years a little more thoroughly. The group, which is comprised of victims from all over the state who say they were swindled out of thousands of dollars believes that the Bar Association did no investigating at all.

According to the Better Business Bureau website, Feldman has managed to get himself an F - rating in less than two years. They also report that Feldman received a cease and desist from the New Mexico Attorney Generals Office. Even the California Bar issued their own Pro Active statement regarding Feldman last September as a service in the public interest. In the official Press Release, Chief Trial Counsel Russell Weiner states "It appears these attorneys may have significantly harmed their clients who were already facing great financial pressure and the possible loss of their homes." Although the group has a variety of complaints, the one common thread is that they all feel Feldman didn't do any work. According to the group, where there's smoke there is fire.

This past week after members of the group have been waiting for up to two years or more for an answer from the California Bar, one of the members finally got an answer, in a letter from Investigator Sheila Campbell, "this office has concluded that the written evidence is not clear and convincing to prove that Mr. Feldman committed misconduct". Another member of the group, a single mother from Northern California who has yet to hear from Ms. Campbell formally, says this seems highly unbelievable as she alone sent a ream of documentation to the investigator.

According to the Long Beach homeowner who received the letter, he also submitted a mass amount of evidence and the investigator Sheila Campbell called him several times to ask questions that were readily answered by reading the documents. "In our conversations, it was pretty clear that there was no investigation. - just a he said/she said between Feldman and myself, and I guess Feldman won." stated the Long Beach resident. "She provided me with no evidence of any research or activity that we normally think of as an investigation. She hadn't even contacted the Bank that holds my mortgage. Pretty much just took Feldman at his word. We even had provided her with leads on former Feldman employees who had given us full accounts of activities within the office that would be considered against the law".

Another member of the group said that he had gotten fed up with waiting for the Bar Association and took matters into his own hands. "I sued Feldman in Small Claims Court. I won by default as he never showed up."

However, the group that has been a moral support group through email during these tough times decided that this was unacceptable. We feel an obligation to our fellow citizens, particularly those who have already been the victims of Predators. According to the Better Business Bureau, they have received complaints against Feldman as recently as April and seven in the month of February alone. They believe the Bar Association needs to demonstrate that an actual investigation took place if they want to remain credible. If the Bar Association can't be trusted to keep their membership in line, then who can be trusted. We are seeking other victims and their stories to come forward so that the Bar has no choice but to re-open the investigation. Please send your stories to Feldman@JutsiceEnforcement.net . Your information will be held in strictest confidence and you will be contacted if you are needed to speak with Media or authorities.

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