Home Inspections in Fairfax, VA Now Offered by Home Inspections of Northern Virginia

From: Home Inspections of Northern VIrginia, LLC
Published: Sat Oct 17 2009

Home Inspections of Northern Virginia recently began offering home inspections in Fairfax, VA. Home buyers and sellers in Fairfax are encouraged to call 571.238.6013 or email hiofnva@gmail.com to schedule a home inspection before making their final decision.

Home Inspections of Northern Virginia had been operating in Fairfax for quite a while now, but just recently began to promote home inspections in Fairfax. “For more than a year, I have been completing home inspections in Fairfax, but primarily on a referral basis. One of my clients would refer a friend or family member who was in need of a home inspector in Fairfax and I was happy to earn that business,” says owner Joseph Weissglass. “Home inspections in Fairfax comprised about 35% of my inspections. This led to some scheduling difficulties wherein I was making 5-8 trips into Fairfax each week, but was not able to commit an entire day to the area. Officially expanding home inspections into Fairfax has allowed me to book entire days in the area and reduce expenses and time associated with travel. That ultimately leads to lower home inspection fees and better service to my clients,” he continues.

The average fee for a home inspection in Fairfax is approximately $350, but fees vary based on the size of the home. The home inspection appointment can last from 90 minutes to over 3 hours and depends largely on the condition and size of the home.

Home inspections in Fairfax can typically be scheduled within 48-72 hours and home inspection reports are completed within 24 hours of the inspection. Emergency and rush home inspections as well as off-hours inspections are also available.

Home inspection reports generated are completed electronically and available online through a hosting site. Each home inspection report contains dozens of digital pictures as well as text describing each and every defect discovered in the home. The report link can be forwarded easily to the various professionals involved in the transaction.

In addition, Home Inspections of Northern Virginia is “First Time Buyer Friendly.” Each home inspection completed for a new home owner includes, at no cost, a cross-referenced manual that explains common maintenance items.

Home Inspections of Northern Virginia also services Loudoun County, Clarke County, and Arlington.

In addition to home inspections in Fairfax, Home Inspections of Northern Virginia offers other related services. These services include radon testing, mold testing, Chinese drywall testing, foreclosure inspections, and new construction inspections. For more information, visit the website: www.hiofnva.com.

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Home Inspections of Northern VIrginia, LLC
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Company: Home Inspections of Northern VIrginia, LLC
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