Health Benifits of Coffee

From: Lady Trainers To Go
Published: Thu Jan 19 2006

Recent studies show that a cup of coffee in the morning not only helps to wake you up ??" it also provides solid, proven health benefits and burns calories. “If (coffee) is consumed on an empty stomach first thing in the morning before a workout, it can boost endurance and prolong fatigue, which aids in fat loss,” said Lady Trainers To Go nutritionist Anna Yuschak, M. S. Nutrition.

Yuschak advises Lady Trainers To Go client’s with meal plans and has included daily cups of coffee to boost their energy levels. “The coffee helps to jump start my system,” said one of her clients. “It gives me energy which translates into stamina while exercising.”

Researchers claim that drinking coffee regularly can also help prevent some forms of diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and liver and colon cancers, according to material from the Coffee Science Organization. Over 50 percent of Americans drink coffee daily and the numbers are on the rise. In fact, coffee is the number one source from which Americans receive their antioxidants ??" molecules that protect the body from harmful free radicals.

Yuschak recommends drinking no more than two cups of coffee a day and sites its effectiveness to a thermogenic effect, which speeds up the metabolism to burn calories. But she cautions, be careful before you start making Starbucks a routine morning stop. To burn the maximum amount of calories, drink black coffee. Fancy or elaborate coffee beverages such as blended mochas and sweetened lattes contain extra sugars that will negate the positive effects of the caffeine. Yuschak also notes the importance in drinking filtered coffee. “Unfiltered coffee beans have been proven to contain compounds that negatively affect blood cholesterol,” she said.

Now you can fill your coffee cup each morning, guilt-free. If only exercising was so easy.

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