Global Ride Becomes Largest Provider of Virtual Cycling DVDs

From: Cycling Fusion
Published: Mon Dec 21 2009

The latest Indoor Cycling fad of “Virtual Cycling” is poised for its biggest year ever, as Global Ride completes its Italy Rides series with the release of “Urban Assault in Italy” title on December 18th. The release is obviously timed well for the current Christmas Rush, much like a Hollywood blockbuster just sitting on the shelf until that perfect marketing moment. Starting with some of the early efforts of Endurance Films on behalf of the Spinning® company, Mad Dogg athletics, and then followed by probably the biggest producer of indoor cycling training DVDs, Troy Jocobson of Spinerval fame, this new type of training film has been steadily picking up a passionate following.

“Our reviewers were similarly surprised by the ability of Global Ride video to provide a tangible riding experience. One reviewer could not stop remarking how “awesome” the experience was, while our triathlete reveled in the fact that it was a welcome departure from the spin class like cycling training videos to which she had already become immune.” From the cycling blog, Triple Crankset

After those two behemoth’s in the training DVD business came two new comers to this current trend in indoor training; EpicPlanet and Global Ride. By the middle of 2009, there were as many as 13 virtual cycling DVDs among these 4 companies, but with the 6th title release from Global Ride, the total comes to 16.

“From the start, our vision has been to create box sets of three DVDs per year. We ride and race bikes when we’re not shooting and editing, and so we need these as much as our own customers. We know that you can’t just have one type of terrain and one type of ride to get stronger, fitter, faster. The box sets give us an opportunity to vary the type of workout, the objectives each of our coaches choose, and of course, the scenery. In the future, we plan on living up to our name of “Global Ride” by providing rides in areas where many riders or indoor “spinners” may have only dreamed about.” Said Gene Nacey, director and producer of Global Ride’s DVDs

There are a number of reasons why this approach to indoor training has not been the norm for most facilities; most notably because Spinning® or Indoor Cycling simply hasn’t been structured and oriented towards the outdoor cyclist. However, with new titles becoming available with greater frequency each year, it’s likely that we may be on the brink of the “new norm” for Indoor Cycling classes. John Macgowan, from the popular Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast calls it "Indoor Cycling 2.0". Essentially it means moving the typical class from exercise to training; making the indoor class beneficial and more directly related to outdoor riding. Generally this also involves upgrading tools on the bike so students can see their heart rate, their cadence (RPMs - how fast they are pedaling), and even their power. If we add virtual cycling to the mix, it stands to make the experience more compelling, more motivating... hey, maybe even more fun!

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