My Natural Baby Care-; My Natural Baby Care, a business dedicated to providing wholesome and safe childcare products to families worldwide

[USPRwire, Wed Jan 25 2017] Born from a passion for providing parents with the assurance that their children are receiving the very best, My Natural Baby Care goes the extra mile to ensure toxic additives, unsafe preservatives, and unknown chemicals are removed from the making of their products.

“It’s hard enough waving goodbye to children when they get on the school bus for the first time, away from our protection. That’s why we wanted to create a childcare production line to provide parents with a peace of mind when giving their children supplements, lotions, medicine, and more,” said Christina Weitzel, Founder and Owner of My Natural Baby Care. “Parents want the absolute best for their children, and we’re here to provide it for them.”

My Natural Baby Care carries products like Bamboo Baby Lotion, Dapple Surface Wipes for Highchairs, Baby Wipes with free and clear refills, Rainbow Light Gummy Power Sours packed with vitamins, and organic baby solids for starting babies on solid food. All of their products are made with only organic, pristine ingredients free from any unidentified additives.

“Rest assured, we provide only safe, healthy, and wonderfully unique products for families of all sizes,” said Christina Weitzel. “Never wonder about what ingredients children are ingesting again with our localized, small-business approach to
all-natural baby care. Spread the word on the availability on our products, and check out our platform today.”

In addition to a wide variety of products, My Natural Baby Care also frequently updates their blog for bringing parents useful insight, helpful information, and a steady stream of tricks and tips for creating an all-natural environment.

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