Award-Winning English Toffee from Rushburn Toffee is Set to Make this Holiday Season that Much Sweet

From: Rushburn Toffee
Published: Sun Nov 16 2008

It was this holiday season more than 90 years ago that Betty Burns was sharing her famous English toffee with friends and family, a Christmas treat they eagerly awaited. This holiday season, the delectable candy delights “Grammer” Betty gifted to loved ones for decades is available for everyone from award-winning Rushburn Toffee.

The confectionery treat was shared, but never the recipe ??" until given to her daughter Kathy, one year before Grammer Betty passed away in 1993. Stephanie Rush, a San Francisco-based clinical researcher and English toffee fan, learned the recipe from her aunt Kathy and decided to take her grandmother’s treat-sharing to a new level. Today Rushburn Toffee has swiftly grown from a single-kitchen secret to San Francisco Bay Area’s “Best English Toffee,” according to the Los Angeles Chocolate Salon.

Rush took her grandmother’s recipe and developed a whole line of toffee delights, launching Rushburn Toffee as an online retailer with the old family recipe as its roots.
“It’s such a special kind of privilege to be able to carry on Grammer Betty’s holiday tradition,” Rush said. “Christmas was the only time of year she shared her English toffee, and I think she would be proud if she knew how just how far her joys were being spread this season.”

The Rushburn Toffee product line
Rushburn Toffee currently has four flavors of toffee:
-English Toffee (made with semi-sweet chocolate and almonds),
-Espresso Toffee (made with espresso-flavored toffee, semi-sweet chocolate and almonds ),
-Milk Chocolate Toffee Clusters (pieces of English Toffee with almonds covered in milk chocolate), and
-Dark Chocolate Toffee Clusters (pieces of English Toffee with toffee covered in dark chocolate).

“We all know chocolate isn’t hard to find when the holidays come around, but Rushburn Toffee has a warm holiday history to accompany the smooth tastes of this toffee,” Rush said. “The tradition and love associated with Rushburn Toffee has helped me in perfecting our English toffee and sharing a beloved family treat that is the sweetest gift for your loved ones, holiday party guests, business associates, and anyone and everyone on your list!”

Rushburn Toffee (both English and Espresso) is available in stylish gift tins in half-pound or one-pound sizes, as well as in decorative gift boxes in three-ounce, half-pound and one-pound sizes at prices starting at $5.00.

In addition, the company also offers two sampler tin options. The Toffee Sampler Gift Tin ??" One-Half Pound carries four ounces each of the English Toffee and the Espresso Toffee at $17.50. Conversely, the Toffee Sampler Tin ??" 1 Pound carries four ounces of each toffee and toffee cluster flavor combined into a one-pound toffee extravaganza at $35.00.

Rushburn Toffee can be ordered online at, by fax or by mail. Wholesalers and retailers are also welcome.

About Rushburn Toffee
For four generations, the Burns and Rush families have delighted relatives and friends alike with a magical English toffee recipe every holiday season. Now available year-round, Rushburn Toffee is a boutique confectionery dedicated to capturing the taste buds of chocolate lovers around the world. For more information, please visit or call 415-647-7902.

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