Author's Advice: Teach Your Teens to Think Twice

From: Island Publishing
Published: Sat Sep 13 2008

Every month the headlines are riddled with the consequences of the failure to communicate with our teens. Teen pregnancies??"up. Teen STD's??"up. Teen alcohol and drug use??"up. What can we do?

Richard Dudum ??" father of four ??" gives a clear answer in his book, "What Your Mother Never Told You: A Survival Guide for Teenage Girls." His advice? Teach your teens to think twice.

Dudum says, "We teach our young children to look twice before they cross the street. We need to teach our teenagers to think twice before they cross the line. It's not good enough to just hope our teens will make the right decision in tough situations. They will make some of their most difficult decisions when their parents are not there."

Dudum asks parents to teach their teens to think twice. Think twice about who they are, who they're not, what their boundaries are, what lines they are willing to cross, and what price they are willing to pay for their decisions. Think twice about their morals, their values, their expectations of themselves, and what's important to them. Think about who their friends are and are not. Think twice before taking advice from friends who don't know better. Just think twice!

The advice in "What Your Mother Never Told You" is directed at teens to help arm them with information they need to protect themselves in sticky situations. As parents, we have the responsibility to give our teens truthful information that will help them form their personal values and make good choices. "What Your Mother Never Told You" is the perfect tool to open the door to "the talk." Dudum suggests that parents leave the book on their teenager's bed. "She will read it, and it will open the door to better communication with her."

Richard Dudum is a San Francisco lawyer, musician, Realtor, summer-camp director, church community leader, and cancer survivor. He's been married for 26 years and is the father of two daughters and two sons. "What Your Mother Never Told You" is available on Dudum is available for interviews.
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