Arizona credit expert helping consumers renegotiate their debt, save their homes.

[USPRwire, Wed Feb 25 2009] Good credit is the key to a great life, says Arizona credit expert Scott Deschene.

And since credit scores now influence everything from insurance premiums to employment, good credit can be the key to having any life at all.

It’s the reason why Deschene recently launched his Phoenix-based business, Credit Guardian. The company specializes in helping consumers get out from under their mountains of debt, restructuring their finances and wiping out balances without wiping out their credit.

And unlike many credit repair and debt consolidation businesses that take legal control of their clients’ accounts and can negatively affect credit scores, Credit Guardian keeps consumers in charge, settling and restructuring debt while empowering them to improve their credit scores and finances.

“We’re out to change the credit counseling business,” Deschene says.

That includes reexamining foreclosures, which have been devastating the credit of Valley homeowners for the past 18 months.

A former mortgage banker, Deschene now uses his expertise to help his clients uncover discrepancies in their exisiting loans and to work with the bank to modify the loan and prevent foreclosure. Deschene says such loan modifications are an option that few homeowners know about but many can benefit from using.

“It’s just part of our goal to provide proactive and prudent advice for our clients,” Deschene says. “We want them to better understand and manage their credit, debt and finances.”

The latter is accomplished through showing clients how to avoid repeating credit missteps in the future, laying out a sound financial plan for them and, most importantly, helping them stick to the plan.

“Having a sound financial plan in place is the single greatest way to improve your financial health,” Deschene says. “Sticking to that plan is just as important.”

So what should consumers focus on if they want to improve their financial well-being?

According to Deschene, there are four simple rules that every consumer should follow:

Stick to a budget
“No matter how much you make,” Deschene says, “you should always know where every penny goes.”

Pay off credit card debt
“Those little pieces of plastic are easy to use,” he says. “But we forget we’re dealing with real money. And no matter how much we resolve to payoff our debt on time, we don’t, and we end up paying much more for things than we would have with cash.”

Develop a savings plan
“Set aside 5 to 10 percent of your salary for savings BEFORE you pay your bills,” Deschene says. “Better yet, have it automatically deducted from your paycheck and put into a separate account.”

Keep immaculate records
“Without a good record-keeping system, you’re probably not taking as many deductions as you probably could,” Deschene says. “And that costs you money.”

Following these steps can put any consumer on the path to better credit, Deschene says, adding “It’s all about making smart decisions.”

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