Over the past few years the pet industry has been evolving as people begin more and more to accept their four legged friends as members of their family.

[USPRwire, Thu Dec 07 2006] Over the past few years the pet industry has been evolving as people begin more and more to accept their four legged friends as members of their family. As a result of the care and attention pet owners give their animals, the pet market has grown considerably over the past several years. According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, pet owners will have spent an estimated $38.4 billion on their pets this year. Today’s pet industry continues to show strength and future promise, with fashion products becoming a key driver to future growth.

Pampering your pooch can range from purchases of fashionable dog apparel, collars, leashes, vogue carriers, jewellery, accessories and even spa products such as lotions, perfumes, robes etc. With prices ranging from $20 to $2000 and up, dogs can now outdress many of their owners.

There are a variety of factors contributing to the growth in spending on doggie fashion. Empty nesters are finding themselves with extra disposable income and are channeling a portion of that towards fashionable pet products; they are also filling their homes with the sounds of animals now that their children have grown up and moved on. In addition, with families having fewer children, or waiting a bit later in life to have kids, they are more likely to bring pets into the family and tend to treat these additions like their own children.

Helping the cause, personalities such as Paris Hilton, Martha Stewart, Nicole Ricchi, Paula Abdul and many others as well as movies such as Legally Blonde 1 & 2, As Good as it Gets, Bringing Down the House and Secondhand Lions to name but a few, have certainly moved dogs into the spotlight.

An added benefit to this booming industry is that with more dogs being accepted as family and deservingly pampered, the variety of products and available services has increased significantly. Doggie bakeries, dog spas, a long list of dog fashion designers and dog boutiques continue to create a luxury lifestyle for today’s dog. Even the number of dog magazines has escalated with fashion coverage offered by publications such as Modern Dog, with cover’s featuring entertainment’s top stars and their beloved dogs.

According to Ann-Marie Fleming, Founder of K9Kloud9.com, an online dog fashion retailer and canine community, “People’s attitudes towards their dogs has definitely shifted to where the pet’s role has become as important as any family member, and with this attention comes a desire to bring fashion, style and an overall pampering of their furry companions. As a result, we are seeing escalating sales for our designer fashion items ranging from jewellery and carriers, to coats and dresses. It’s fun for both humans and dogs alike and we see this trend continuing for many years to come.”

Moving forward expect to see more dog friendly cafes, parks, condos, lofts, bakeries and even restaurants. Dog social activities are also on the rise as many dog lovers work to organize dog groups, weddings, playdates and of course dog birthday parties.

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