Had the late President, Gerald R. Ford, passed away at the turn of the 19th century instead of the turn of the 20th Century -- it is likely a Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoon would have been manufactured to commemorate his Presidency.

[USPRwire, Thu Jan 04 2007] Had president Gerald R. Ford passed away in 1890 or 1906, instead of 2006, it is likely the manufacturing of what would now be a highly collectible Antique Souvenir Spoon would have commemorated his presidency.

Gorham Manufacturing Company, is perhaps the world’s best known manufacturer of souvenir spoons in the late eighteen hundreds thru the early nineteen hundreds. Other Sterling Silver craftsmen who might have manufactured souvenir spoons depicting California, Washington DC or Grand Rapids together with President Ford could have included Watson & Newell, Paye & Baker, Shreve, Tiffany or Cartier.

Only a handful of wealthy Americans would have been able to afford such a lovely keepsake. However, the history learned and remembered from such a dazzling collection is rich and memorable.

Today, these lovely pieces of America’s past are highly collectible.

Traditionally, the collecting of these little jewels becomes popular at the turn of the century. Apparently the turn from the twentieth to the twenty-first century is no different. Collectors are likely to hone in on specific types of spoons. For example, some collect only demitasse spoons; only spoons larger than five inches; only spoons with ships, only spoons commemorating expositions or world fairs.

Whatever type of antique souvenir spoons one elects to collect, even celebrities are jumping on the antique spoon bandwagon. Oprah collects black Americana spoons. Richard Geere collects California spoons.

The point being, these lovely antique pieces are a smart investment. Spoons that cost three to seven dollars at the turn of the last century are worth hundreds, some thousands of dollars today.

The famous Apostle Spoons are attributed with the beginning of spoon collecting in Europe dating back centuries. These wonderful, museum quality pieces of art each depict one of the 12 Apostles. Wealthy families commissioned them at the birth of a son who was given an Apostle’s name.


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