E-srael.com's Atypical Style attracts Local Advertisers and Visitors

From: E-srael.com
Published: Tue Feb 20 2007

E-srael.com, the comprehensive web directory, proudly welcomes a new client, Sason Kosher Gourmet Catering. Sason has been providing fresh and authentic glatt kosher meals and high quality professional catering services for Southern California (especially the San Fernando Valley and L.A. County), for 10 years

Sason’s experienced event architects provide the whole gamut of catering and event planning services, from limos to linen, flowers to fiddlers. They design and/or customize events for customers, in accordance with their budget, needs and goals. They provide full planning and coordination from start to finish, from the simple to the complicated.

Sason caters virtually any event, in any setting??"full service or drop-off, onsite or in their immaculate kitchen. They cater on location for movies, television, commercials, and music videos, rap parties or political occasions. They cater breakfasts, brunches, lunches or dinners??"and everything in between. Their bartenders are certified, they have liquor liability insurance and their co-workers are covered by worker’s compensation.

Sason Catering offers a wide variety of unique menus to accommodate customer’s specialized needs and all types of functions. It has built a reputation for providing the highest quality foods, tastefully prepared by its Executive Chef, and creatively designed and presented by its professional staff. Sason’s motto is: “expect quality, service, creativity and much, much more!”

E-srael.com is proud to become the premier advertiser for high-caliber Israeli/Jewish businesses like Sason Catering. People of Israeli/Jewish origin looking for a kosher restaurant, temple or Hebrew-speaking professional person are sure to find what they are looking for if they consult this web site.

The site has several features that really make it a unique resource for the Israeli and Jewish communities. Unlike many directories, which only give out directions or reviews of stores and companies, e-srael.com provides a full description and MapQuest of the service, while still remaining an easily maneuverable site.

For each business, e-srael.com provides all the details the consumer needs to know, from the California license number for a contractor to the menu of a restaurant??"it is all there, and easy to find. E- srael.com also serves as a site where licensed agents can place local real estate and automobile listings for free.

E-srael.com might well be years ahead of the rest. While most of the country is caught up in the fad of “social networking”, e-srael.com’s founder, Ilan Gez, believes that the high income bracket is being ignored. Gez has quietly bet his stake that savvy, productive, high-income people, used to plain and simple interfaces, lack patience for wading through excess data. He believes that they would rather be able to find all the information they need on a product or service in one place without clicking too many buttons, or being distracted by user reviews.

Having such premier advertisers like Sasson coming on board, as well as attracting an increasing number of web site viewers bears out Gez’s view that there are many savvy people out there that aren’t buying the “social networking” fad.

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