Higher Search Engine Ranking Means More Business

From: Vertical Measures, LLC
Published: Fri Oct 27 2006

A higher search engine ranking is crucial to the amount of business a website generates, according to Vertical Measures. The new Internet marketing firm offers a variety of services to help Internet businesses improve their visibility online, and thereby boost their business.

A website's search engine ranking determines how visible the site is online. A higher search engine ranking puts a website closer to the top of the list that is generated by a keyword search. Most Internet browsers only scroll through the first listings of search engine results; therefore, a better ranking increases a site's chances of being visited.

“Your website's search engine ranking can make or break your business,” said Arnie Kuenn, President of Vertical Measures. “A site with a high ranking will get a constant flow of visitors from the search engines. A site with a low ranking will have only advertising and costly efforts to funnel business their way, neither of which is very friendly to the bottom-line.”

Vertical Measures offers a variety of services guaranteed to generate higher search engine ranking. One of the main factors in ranking is the usage of keywords, which search engines use to determine the web page's relevance to the searches that Internet browsers perform. As a result, a successful website needs relevant and high-quality keywords in order to attract potential customers. To meet this need, Vertical Measures offers keyword research services to research, analyze, and recommend the best keywords; keyword rank reporting also demonstrates how effective each keyword is. Vertical Measures can also boost search engine ranking by optimizing the entire content of a website.

Another major factor that can have an impact on search engine ranking is the number of outside links leading back to a site. For example, if many people link to a certain ecommerce site from their business websites, personal web pages, and blogs, the search engines can assume that the site is worth visiting, and boost its rankings. Vertical Measures can help clients improve their “worthiness” with their quality link building services, such as competitive link analysis, link-building strategies, and quality link-building campaigns. Competitive link analysis determines how many links a site needs to boost their ranking, since search engine ranking is relative to a site's competitors, while link-building strategies and campaigns determine the best methods for generating more outside links back to the client's site. For instance, submitting written materials such as articles and press releases to outside sites not only directs search engine traffic to the client's site, but also provides the links that the search engines use to determine a site's value.

Vertical Measures is also offering a free course called “The 8 Biggest Internet Marketing Mistakes” available to anyone who visits their website. For more information about Vertical Measures and the free Internet marketing course, please visit www.verticalmeasures.com.

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