Hayneedle Enjoys Meteoric Growth with Comodo EV SSL

From: Comodo
Published: Mon Feb 08 2010

Security-conscious shoppers have made online retailer Hayneedle.com an astonishing success since the brand was introduced in August, 2009. The site's Extended Validation SSL certificate from Comodo has helped it build trust, according to Hayneedle's Chief Technical Officer Steven Dee.

"People shopping on Hayneedle are looking for something very specific," said Dee. "They're used to dealing with some mom and pop shops. At times they're not sure whether a site can be trusted or not. Part of the Hayneedle brand is that we are a trusted place to shop."

"We get a lot of people who don't want to enter their credit card. While we have a customer care center for those situations, the green browser bar, available thanks to the Comodo EV SSL certificate, helped to win over and educate customers that our site is safe," said Dee, as did displaying Comodo's trust logo across the site.

Hayneedle's customer care staff explains the significance of the green browser bar to telephone customers, to increase trust in online transactions. "It's nice that when I'm looking at the green bar, we can have our customer service agent say, ‘You don't have to worry about the transaction; it's certified.' It builds the trust by word of mouth. It's something that they can visually see; it's something that changes in their browser to let them know that they can trust us."

"It's all about trust--the EV SSL certificate instills trust in our customers. They can look up there, if they're unsure they can click on it across our sites," Dee said.

"It has been wonderful working with Comodo because they focus on our needs and help us, instead of only focusing on what they need," he continued.

"What separated Comodo from the others was that Comodo was very customer-friendly and focused. Comodo worked with us to make sure that all of our needs were met. Comodo pointed out issues that we might not have seen on our own. It ended up being a better experience for our customers."

"We were only focused on one point on our checkout," Dee said for an example. He added that Comodo offered a valuable suggestion to build trust with shoppers. "If you want to display our logo across the site you can, that will reassure them when they are thinking about buying, not necessarily in the buying phase." Hayneedle adopted that suggestion, reassuring its security-conscious consumers."

Comodo's Extended Validation SSL certificate has helped Comodo build trust with its rapidly-growing customer base. For more information about Hayneedle, visit www.Hayneedle.com. For more information about Comodo, visit www.Comodo.com

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About hayneedle.com

Hayneedle (hayneedle.com), a leading online retailer of more than 200 specialty stores, recently unveiled its new website, which offers consumers an extensive variety of home and lifestyle products far surpassing what is available in the retail world. By providing a rewarding shopping experience, exceptional service, true product variety and the right content to buy with confidence, hayneedle.com helps customers find what they love and love what they find. The company was originally established in 2002 as NetShops, Inc., and was named to the Internet Retailer Hot 100 list in 2010. With over $200 million in sales, Hayneedle is privately held and funded by Insight Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital. For more information, visit www.Hayneedle.com

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