HL7 integration Using Mirth Connect & HL7 standards

From: TactionsoftwareLLC
Published: Tue Jun 27 2017

Taction Software Healthcare Software development and consulting team can help you with:
Enabling HL7 data exchange of various types like ADT, MFN, ORM, ORU, SCH, SIU
Creation of derivatives of HL7 standards given the varied requirements between applications
Efficiency & accuracy in handling non-standard HL7 messages by HL7 mapping
Flawless interrelation of information between healthcare applications
Simplify and speed up exchange of high volume of HL7 messages efficiently
Mirth Connect integration
Mirth Connect uses a channel-based architecture to connect HIT systems and allow messages to be filtered, transformed, and routed based on user-defined rules. Channels consist of connectors (both inbound and outbound), filters, and transformers. Multiple filters and a chain of transformers can be associated with a channel. All messages and transactions are optionally logged to an internal database. Mirth Connect can be also configured to auto-generate an HL7 acknowledgement response (ACK).
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