Google Announces Improvements to Sitemaps Program

From: Binary Pros
Published: Fri Mar 03 2006

Google announced yesterday that webmasters have some new features to look forward to in their Google Sitemaps accounts. The new features will help keep webmasters more informed about what's going on with their websites on Google, which before was nearly impossible to do.

The Google Sitemaps program, while still in beta stages, helps webmasters get official feedback from Google about what's going right and wrong with their website in the eyes of Google. Any webmaster who has worried about getting better search engine rankings knows what a blessing even small bits of confirmed information can be!

The new features just implemented include:
• Average Top Position : Lets a webmaster know the average top ranking position of their website over the past three weeks for the most common terms that users searched for and clicked on relating to their site.

•Mobile search queries : Shows top queries from mobile devices that returned matches from the site (only applies to sites with mobile content.)

•Downloadable details, stats, and errors : Webmasters can now download CSV files detailing their stats and reported errors for further analysis.

Aside from the new features, the basic purpose of the Sitemaps program is still to help webmasters get their sites indexed by Google completely and quickly.

The Google Sitemaps program is free for any webmaster to join, the only catch is that it takes quite a bit of technical-know-how to create a valid site map data file for a website. There are however web sites and programs available that take the edge off the learning curve and make the process much easier.

One such program, Sitemap Equalizer (, was recently released by Jeff Alderson - a leading SEO Expert.

"Our software does more than just create the Sitemap XML file. It also helps webmaster diagnose and eliminate several critical problems with their sites BEFORE they submit their Sitemap to Google," Jeff said. He continued, "As with just about everything, there is a right way and a wrong way to submit your site, we're helping making sure our users avoiding the most common mistakes."

The bottom line is any webmaster or marketer who is serious about establishing a web presence with Google needs to get their sites enrolled in the Sitemaps program.

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