Free-to-Design Hotel Management Software Released

[USPRwire, Tue Feb 16 2010] Binary Brilliant Inc has released InnPlanner 2010 Designer - free-to-design software for hotel management that allows its user not only to perform routine tasks of hotel keeping, but also to modify the application according to requirements of every hotel.

Developing applications for specific business areas has always posed a dilemma - whether to produce a stable and easy-to-use program with restricted functionality or stick to bulky large-scale systems being able to meet requirements of large public. Binary Brilliant Inc has solved this problem, releasing a product optimal for conducting business.

In contrast solutions of competitors that perform a pretty limited number of tasks (mainly, keeping various records and making out reports), InnPlanner 2010 Designer adapts to the customers' needs, allowing its users to fully customize the application so that it can comply with specialized organization of every hotel.

The application is adapted with the help of 7 visual editors that come along with InnPlanner 2010 Designer. Editors are intended to perform a variety of operations to adjust different functioning areas. Each of the 7 editors features a simple and user-friendly model of use, requiring no skills or experience from the user.

The main instrument for modifying the application is the form editor. This tool provides possibilities to add or edit existing the application forms - for example, it may be necessary to add a new form to keep records on damaged hotel property or to register borrowed DVDs. The form editor also allows its users to modify application forms by adding new fields to them or changing existing ones.

Besides altering forms with the form editor, it is also possible to customize separate form fields using script. An easy-to-use visual script editor was designed to automate repetitive and time-consuming operations that can be performed automatically. For example, scripts can be used to send an e-mail notification to the visitor as soon as a room has been reserved.
All calculations emerging in the process hotel management can also be automated by means of the visual formula editor.

Owing to a wide range of tools, InnPlanner 2010 Designer makes it possible to add a necessary option or operation at any moment of time. The customized application will help to cover all aspects of hotel management and trace all types of data used at hotel keeping. In fact, InnPlanner 2010 Designer allows its users to create a database of any type for storing various hotel records.

In spite of a great number of modules composing the overall application system, InnPlanner 2010 Designer is characterized by intuitive and simple interface that is clear to everyone. A working model similar to Outlook will be attractive both to newbies having little experience in using computer, and to experienced users who do not want to waste their time guessing the purpose of one or another interface element.

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