Finding The Right Limousine Service is No Longer a Painful Process

Published: Thu Dec 04 2008

The process of searching for a limousine service is no longer the same. Whether planning for a corporate event, wedding, prom, airport transportation or just a night out, more and more limousine customers are using the internet to find their chauffeured vehicles. is a website designed specifically for this purpose with the directory model and the multi-companies’ price quote request model in mind to make the process of finding a limousine time efficient and more accurate.

Only few years ago, a typical limousine service seekers would open the yellow book and look under the letter “L” until they get to the “Limousine service” part. Then pick up the phone and dial a limousine company’s phone number, giving details about the trip date, location, duration, number of passengers, vehicle needed, event, etc… to get a price quote. After calling 3 or 4 limousine companies a normal person would get an idea about the different prices out there and go with the company that fits his or her needs in terms of price and service. Or maybe, some limousine customers don’t really care much about rates they just call around and go with the first limousine company that actually answers the phone and have availability.

Now that more and more people are using the internet to find what they want, the print directories are loosing ground. The companies who distribute print directories are even aware of this and in fact are focusing more on their online directories. The internet is simply becoming more accessible to more people in more places and on more devices. A limousine service customer would get better results when searching for a limousine online compared to the old fashion way of calling one company at a time. Indeed, there are some websites out there dedicated especially to help consumers find a limousine service in the least time and most accuracy. is one of the most efficient websites to finding a limousine service anywhere in any city in the United States and Canada. serves as a search engine with multi companies’ price quote request feature. All you have to do is enter your trip details and contact information once within two to three minutes and send your request to all matching limousine companies in your area. Sometimes a price quote will appear instantly next to all vehicles that you selected with pictures and the company phone number next to it. That depends on the company who listed the vehicle. If you did not get an instant price quote the limousine companies matching your search will contact you within a day or two.

Online directories moved the print directory model to the internet where you can browse companies by name, service provided, area, phone number and website. That did make it easier for consumers but it’s still the same model and it’s still time consuming. With and other industry specific websites you can actually search the products or services that each company provides and get directly to what you are looking for. You will be actually calling the company who has what you need instead of calling all the companies that might or might not offer your specific product or service such as a certain vehicle model or color that you prefer. The website merged the online directory model with the price quote model all performed on the vehicle level. Than means you can browse not only limousine companies, but also their vehicles and get a price quote from multiple companies for multiple vehicles at once. This model has the advantage of saving you not only time, but is also saves you money on your next limousine service reservation because the companies who got your price quote request will be competing against each other to provide the best price. Because is the perfect website to find a limousine or chauffeured vehicle, it is the most effective way of advertising limousine companies.

What ever your occasion is, wedding, airport transfer, prom, bachelor, wine tour, or just a night out with friends, try first you might save yourself time and money. limo service

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