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From: Vertical Measures, LLC
Published: Sun Nov 26 2006

Want to improve your website's search engine ranking, but can't afford the usual expense? Vertical Measures, a new Internet marketing company, provides affordable search engine ranking services to help you get the job done - at a fraction of the usual cost.

“Your website's search engine ranking can make or break your business,” said Arnie Kuenn, President of Vertical Measures. “But getting a higher search engine ranking shouldn't have to mean breaking your bank to make your business.”

The words “search engine ranking” can intimidate many people, but the concept is actually very simple. When an Internet shopper searches for a keyword that relates to your business, your website's search engine ranking is how close to the top your website is on the list of results. A very high search engine result means that your site will have greater visibility on the Internet, and therefore more visitors. One of the reasons why a high search engine ranking is so important is because most Web surfers do not look beyond the first page. In order to get on that first page, you might have to beat dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of other websites.

It might not seem like it sometimes, but the search engines have a very particular way of determining a website's rank in a list of search results. Websites are listed according to two major factors: how pertinent they are to the search terms, and how popular the page is. A website's pertinence to a specific keyword phrase is determined by the appearance of that particular keyword phrase in the site content - particularly in obvious places such as titles and headings, first and last paragraphs of text, and the meta tags attached to each page. A website's popularity - which is taken to mean that the site is successful, helpful, etc. - is determined by the number of quality links on other sites that link back to the website in question. In other words, the search engines assume that if people like a site and find it helpful, they will link to it from their blogs, personal websites, or business websites.
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