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From: House of Bills
Published: Thu Aug 20 2009

House of Bills announced today the ability to email the entire House of Representatives regarding the America's Affordable Health Choices Act.

H.R 3200, also known as the Health Care Reform Bill, went through various assigned committees at a rapid pace. The bill is now set for a voice vote in the House of Representatives.

In the past, one would voice a concern about a particular bill through their own Representative. Reaching one person may create a difference, but in?uencing numerous representatives may achieve a greater impact.

The opportunity to give an opinion to every member of the House of Representatives at one time is now possible. One only has to read a summary of the bill, and write the House of Representatives.

House of Bills ( is a website seeking to give citizens a massive voice for an effective change.

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Whether your are tired or happy with Congress, House of Bills gives you the opportunity to voice your opinion to the United States House of Representatives and the Senate. This site exists to inform you of the important bills in Congress. The non-partisan summary of each bill is created to allow you, the great citizens of the United States, to contact each Congressional member of a particular committee and voice your thoughts and ideas.

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