House Cleaning Pro Announces Small Business Planning Support Systems

From: Liberating Concepts
Published: Tue Jan 26 2010

With more house cleaning business owners struggling in this depressed economy, many are wondering what they can do to keep their current clients happy and how they can stay in business. To meet this need for their current and prospective customers, House Cleaning Pro is proud to announce their most recent support systems product - Small Business Planning.

According to Anne-Marie Moore of House Cleaning Pro, "Many of these independent home cleaning businesses were started by people offering house cleaning services to local customers to supplement their family''s income. They''ve worked hard building their client base and services, but many face challenges with growth and customer developement once their business is established. These business owners often find themselves working harder and spending more time in their business, while having less time for family and friends. One of the most common issues encountered is how to grow a house cleaning business once it is established."

What these independent business owners may not understand is how to start planning for success in the new year. To answer these questions, Anne-Marie offers businesses a new free report titled "New Year Planning for 2010" to assist house cleaning business owners with the important tasks of reviewing the prior years'' results, to help determine what their previous years'' performace was, in order to properly plan for the coming year. Also included in the report are tips to identify the areas of their business they should be looking at to determine what may need improvement or fine-tuning.

Knowing that implementing the information provided in the free report "New Year Planning for 2010" may be a daunting task for many business owners, Anne-Marie has also developed an additional support product titled "New Year Action Plan for 2010" to take the house cleaning business owner through step-by-step instructions to begin creating their own personalized action plan. The product includes 7 planning forms that can be printed and used to build a binder with monthly action items. Using this simple plan, Anne-Marie believes anyone, even the smallest house cleaning business, can create a roadmap to follow. Once created, the action plan can be used to track the results from month-to-month, which allows the business to take corrective action sooner than later to stay on course.

The House Cleaning Pro Business-in-a-Box is a complete ready to implement business for people wanting to start and grow a residential cleaning business.

For additional information on House Cleaning Pro small business planning, contact Anne-Marie Moore at and use the contact form on the site. The report, "New Year Planning for 2010" is offered as a free download after registering with House Cleaning Pro at Inside the free report is an offer to purchase the "New Year Action Plan for 2010" with step-by-step instructions for business owners wanting more specifics on planning a profitable year.
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