Horticultural Asset Management, Inc. Names New Insurance Affiliate Program Member

Published: Fri Jun 08 2007

Doug Cowles, president and CEO of Horticultural Asset Management, Inc. (HMI), has announced that Bollinger Insurance, one of the nation’s largest independent insurance companies, has contracted to become a member of HMI’s Affiliate Program. The Program will enable Bollinger to offer its clients access to HMI’s revolutionary new products and services under proprietary terms and with special features and promotions.

The assessment service involves the identification, sizing, mapping and general health inspection of the landscape trees and shrubs on a property. This information is processed through HMI’s patented system and returns current through five-year replacement cost values, a plant health score, and plant descriptions, photographs and care and maintenance instructions for each plant assessed. Bollinger clients can utilize the assessment to document the replacement cost value of their landscape assets and to remediate health or other concerns that may make trees and shrubs more likely to fail under adverse conditions, such as a storm or fire. The replacement values will also enable them to select appropriate insurance coverage for these valuable assets or help support casualty loss claims.

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News Facts:

• Bollinger Insurance has contracted to become a member of HMI’s Affiliate Member Program.
• Bollinger clients will receive HMI’s products and services under proprietary terms and with special features and promotions.
• The assessment involves the identification, sizing, valuation, mapping and general health inspection of the landscape trees and shrubs.

“We are excited to have Bollinger as a member of our Affiliate program,” said Cowles. “They have recognized for some time that trees and shrubs are valuable assets and an increasingly important aspect of their clients’ properties. By offering HMI’s services they are taking a big step forward in providing their clients with better options for managing and protecting their investments in them.”

“Bollinger Insurance is committed to keeping pace with the complexity of our clients’ needs,” said Rhonda Graber, Managing Director Personal Insurance of Bollinger, Inc “Property owners lose millions of dollars worth of valuable landscape assets to fires, wind, lightning and other perils each year. Working with HMI we will be able to continue Bollinger’s tradition of offering our clients exceptional services that enable them to make informed choices about their property.”

About Horticultural Asset Management, Inc. (HMI):
Horticultural Asset Management, Inc. provides revolutionary products and services that are utilized by green industry professionals as well as experts in the tax, insurance and real estate industries. HMI’s Horticultural Scientific Standard (HS² ™) enables HMI Horticultural Assessments to provide accurate replacement costs for landscape assets. The replacement cost valuations provided in the HMI Horticultural Assessments can help property owners recover from the loss of landscape assets and they also provide valuable information to those purchasing properties. Also included in the HMI Horticultural Assessments is the Michael Dirr Plant Guide, written by renowned professor and author Dr. Michael Dirr. The plant guide provides customized care instructions, as well as photographs and plant descriptions. For more information or to view a sample HMI Horticultural Assessment please visit the Web site http://www.moneygrowsontrees.com or call 866-937-6468.

About Bollinger, Inc.:
In addition to its Short Hills headquarters, Bollinger has branch offices in New York City, Philadelphia, Princeton, and Moorestown, Vineland and Short Hills, N.J. With roots dating back to 1876, Bollinger provides business and personal insurance to a wide range of customers, as well as specialty insurance programs for golf and country clubs, amateur sports, and schools and colleges. For more information on Bollinger, Inc. please visit http://www.BollingerInsurance.com.

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