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From: International Real Estate Listings
Published: Sun Aug 15 2010

International Real Estate Listings.com announces the launch of a separate website for the Honduras real estate market. The website intends to provide an exclusive forum for the Honduras property holders, developers, and agents to expose their Honduras real estate for sale, Honduras rentals, and property exchanges within the country and to international real estate markets. The people from all these segments have visited the new website in thousands immediately and have expressed keen appreciation of the exceptional facilities offered by the website in helping them to earn significant profits with their Honduras real estate holdings.

Honduras, known previously as Spanish Honduras to distinguish it from Belize or old British Honduras, is in Central America, occupying a land area of more than112, 000 sq. km. The capital city is Tegucigalpa, with Spanish as the official language of the country. The economy of Honduras has been growing at a very slow rate, with low wages. Still, the annual economic growth has been averaging around 7% in the last few years, which is among the highest in Latin American countries. In spite of this, about 50% of the population lives below poverty line. Honduras is ranked as third poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, along with Haiti and Nicaragua. The forced removal of former President Manuel Zelaya from power in 2009 has further alienated Honduras from the rest of the world. These negative factors can lead to the impression that Honduras is not a safe place for investment. However, steady growth rate and the low property prices are not negative but positive factors for development of Honduras real estate market.

This particular aspect was recognized and appreciated by the renowned real estate expert, Mr. Taylor White, PHD, the creator of the global real estate website, International Real Estate Listings.com He decided to tap the hitherto ignored possibilities in Honduras real estate for sale, opportunities for Honduras rentals, and properties for exchange. During the discussions with him, Mr. White listed out the unique elements in the service provided by International Real Estate Listings.com, particularly for real estate in Honduras.

1. The first specialty of the new website is the facility to create an individual account within 30 seconds by the Honduras real estate stakeholders. The privacy of the lister is protected completely, since no details of credit card or other personal information are required for creating the account.

2. When the account has been created and activated, the lister is able to immediately showcase the Honduras real estate for sale or Honduras rentals in the Basic Listings section free of cost for 6 months. Each lister can furnish unlimited number of properties, with exhaustive descriptions, plenty of photos, and a YouTube video.

3. The lister can use the Free Property Alert facility to send email of all the Honduras real estate listings to any number of interested parties.

4. The Free Weekly Hot Sheet provision allows the lister to place the listings for viewing by all the opt-in subscribers of International Real Estate Listings.com throughout the world.

5. The lister can also upgrade the Basic Listings to Premium Properties, Exclusive Properties, and Features Properties without any extra charges or fees but subject to select conditions.

6. The Honduras real estate listings can be posted free on the exclusive Honduras Craigs List by using the design of customer-specific flyer.

7. The placement of property listings on the Honduras website automatically places them on the International real estate section’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

8. Moreover, the listings are submitted to social bookmarking sites like Zillow, Oodle, Yahoo Real Estate, Vast, Backpage, etc., with the total sites exceeding 25.

9. The facility of sending exclusive emailer to the international members of International Real Estate Listings.com exposes the Honduras property listings to an international market, enabling the Honduras real estate stakeholders benefit immediately from international sale, exchange, or rentals of Honduras properties.

About International Real Estate Listings:
International Real Estate Listings.com has been created by veteran real estate expert, Mr. White PHD to facilitate country-specific and cross-border international real estate sales, rentals, and exchanges. The entire program has been tuned to overcome the normal barriers of language, culture, and legal requirements of each country. The venture has been hailed by all the international property holders, developers, and agents as a pioneering effort. The accounts holders are able to display multiple properties in the Basic Listings section of each country for 6 months free of cost, with full descriptions, photos, and a video of each property. They also have the advantage of getting the FREE 20-page report on international real estate state of affairs, with real-life success stories of customers in selling, renting, or exchanging their properties in the shortest possible time through http://www.internationalrealestatelistings.com/list_property.

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