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Published: Tue Mar 30 2010

After six months of looking for traditional work, along with 14.9 million other unemployeds (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) he has recently done what author Daniel Pink (A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future) recommends; Kevin is amping up his right brain skills and returning to his roots in the music studio with a new home based business.

Author Pink encourages those who are out of work to shift their thinking from left brain jobs (linear & logical) to a more right brain profession (big picture-oriented and creative). These include such careers as:

• The arts
• Writing
• Intuitive skills

“Frustrated right brain thinkers are stepping out of the unemployment lines and starting their own businesses from home,” according to Prescott, Arizona Entrepreneurial Coach, Kathi Calahan.

She knows from personal history that if those looking for work do not think they have an entrepreneurial personality, chances are good they’ve learned the hard way by becoming unemployed. She quotes, “As one door closes, another will open.”

“More people than ever are recognizing that their creative nature has only been dormant, not missing,” she laughs good-naturedly.

After carefully studying business and the unemployment history of this nation for several years, Calahan has come to several conclusions. One, she says, is that with the Senate adjourning on March 26 without approving an unemployment extension and with so many people out of work a shift must occur in their search for employment and two, the old ways are gone and creativity has become the new Holy Grail.

Calahan laments, “With many left brain jobs being outsourced overseas where workers will do your old job for half the pay, it’s hard for Americans to compete. U.S. workers must become more creative if they and their families are going to survive. Those who’ll make it are the ones who will make better use of their creativity; and many of them are fast becoming entrepreneurs.”

“No one is entirely right or left brain,” Calahan adds. “The modern day entrepreneur designs their home-based business on a shoestring these days, and makes use of both hemispheres of the gray matter in choosing a new career. Right brain talents lie in a person’s ability to have vision, strategy and to see the bigger picture. The left brain is used more for organizational skills, such as day-to-day tasks and making sure the coffee pot is filled and hot.”

“But the good news is, creative work, such as training programs, music, spiritual retreats, art, coaching, designing and writing remain strong in the U.S.,” concludes Calahan. “People are successfully starting a business from home based on these skills and right brain talents.”

Kathi Calahan is an Arizona entrepreneur and owner of three home-based businesses. Her most recent Ebook, How to Start Any Business from Home ??" Finding Your Niche, launched in mid-March and is available at her website http://www.youneedthisebook.com/
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