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Published: Thu Feb 16 2017

You have planned renovations and do not know whom to ask for help in this exciting activity? When choosing such a company, the main thing is not to make a mistake, otherwise you risk losing not only valuable time and money, but also significantly impair your nerves. Our company has established itself as a reliable contractor over the years.

Why is it better to work with us?

Home-Interior.org - is a team of professionals.
Home-Interior.org - can create a unique interior design.
Home-Interior.org - can develop a style of interior design for restaurants, boutiques and cafes.

There are no similar apartments, houses or offices. Your home or office is your castle, and each place has its own face, reflects the character, habits, and interests of the owner. Everything should be pleasant, proper and comfortable here. For you, we will prepare not just a design with all the details, but we also will give you the opportunity to create your own style. We invite you to discover all the facets of the design! There is a team of professionals at your disposal. In your hands are the best materials and design projects. And as a result - your individual interior design of house or office.
Well-thought-out interior design is able to transform any room into a unique uncommon housing. Looking through a colorful magazine, the typical man in the street could think it is easy to create effective design, but the reality is far from rosy. Many factors are to be taken into account: such as taste and lifestyle of inhabitants of the apartment, especially the room. It is important to retain the functionality and create a mood.

Professional designers pay great attention not only to the coloring scheme, but also to the selection of materials. For example, if there are pets, it is better to choose the tile but not a carpet. And if a family has little children, it is preferable to put laminate on the floor. Interior design includes the creation of the project. It, in a turn, contains a plan of ceilings, floors, arrangement of furniture, recessed lighting, electricity, installation and dismantling of barriers. If you decided to hire a designer, you should not worry that the designer’s vision would not coincide with yours ??" details will be agreed with you at all stages of a design development.

The scope of our services includes not only the creation of the design for the apartments, but also decoration of offices, restaurants, cafes, pubs, nightclubs, etc. In the process, we take into account all the preferences and wishes of the customer. And in combination with the expertise of the designer, you will get projects stunning with their beauty and utility as a result.

If you are a happy owner of elite apartments, you need the creation of an environment at home, which tells about the bright personality and impeccable taste of its owner. Carrying out renovations of the elite apartments, it is necessary to comply with the set of requirements. Aesthetics can be called one of the main requirements, when making luxury apartment renovation. Modern luxury apartment renovation can be made in many different styles, and to do this you need a lot of experts.

When the euphoria caused by the purchase of apartments passes, there comes the realization that a new life begins - it is called renovation. For most people, the renovation is a test for stress, proneness to conflict and creativity. Bad master, damage of materials can delay the renovation - this is what you may avoid. It is better to avoid the chaos and give your renovation in the hands of professionals. So you’ll save your nervous system, avoid unnecessary waste of time and family budget. We work with a variety of construction materials, we are well aware of their properties, we monitor and implement innovations in their work. Thanks to our experience and skill gained during the work, construction of a new home will cost you much cheaper. We offer different options for your ideas.

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About the company:

Home-interior develops interior design projects for residential and non-residential premises, produces drawings and designs for the production of different types of individual furniture (kitchens, closets, furniture and others) and is engaged in the final decoration of the premises. Our designer provides free consultations.

You can sign up for a meeting at a time convenient for you, and our designer will respond to your questions. The company's team consists of the designers, architects and builders with extensive experience. We have a lot of partners among salons, shops and businesses specializing in furniture, construction, decoration and other fields of design.

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