Historic Wing Chun Kung Fu Public Event in Las Vegas

From: Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Kung Fu Las Vegas
Published: Tue Aug 28 2007

Famous Wing Chun Master Lo Man Kam to present Wing Chun public seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada - September 8th 2007.

Master Lo is the maternal nephew of Grand master Yip Man (the Late Bruce Lee's teacher). Master Lo is flying to Vegas from Taiwan and will be presenting a two hour open to the public overview and demonstration of authentic Yip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu, Saturday, September 8th from 10am to Noon at the Las Vegas Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Kung Fu School located at 6366 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV. 89146. Contact Sifu Bradley Temple at (702) 768-1201 or visit http://www.lomankamwingchun.com for full details and registration.


Master Lo is the maternal nephew of the Late Grand Master Yip Man and the older Kung Fu brother of the late Bruce Lee. Lo was one of Yip Man's first three original students and the only one of the three still living and teaching authentic Yip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu. From an experience point of view he is the worlds leading authority on the Authentic Yip Man Lineage, Wing Chun Kung Fu style.

Why this event is important to the public?

Wing Chun is the most popular and fastest growing form of Kung Fu in the world and one of the most effective for practical application real street self defence situations. It was made famous by the late Bruce Lee who was taught by Master Lo's maternal uncle Yip Man. It is also the only kung fu style developed by a woman to overcome larger, stronger opponents.


Please Contact Sifu Bradley Temple for information and registration. Direct line: (702) 768-1201 Email: sifu@lomankamwingchun.com Other helpful information regarding the event can be found at: http://www.LoManKamWingChun.com. To register call: (702) 768-1201.

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Sifu Bradley Temple
Company: Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Kung Fu Las Vegas
Contact Name: Sifu Bradley Temple
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