High Voltage Capacitors Market Dynamics, Overview, Segmentation, Key Players 2025

From: Transparency Market Research
Published: Thu Oct 11 2018

A capacitor is an impassive dual-terminal electrical component used to store energy electrostatically in an electronic field. The arrangements of capacitors differ widely, but each one of them contains at least two electrical conductors detached by a dielectric, which is also known as an insulator. Capacitors are widely employed in electrical energy systems and appliances.

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The basic working principle of capacitor used in an AC system provides lead to the voltage and it also provides reactive power addition which is often required to counter the reactive power absorption by the inductive devices.

Increasing demand for electricity is a major factor driving the expansion of this market globally, and the other factors such as reduction in transmission losses during bulk power transmission over long distances, supportive government regulations for energy trade and power grid interconnection, and moreover advancement in the technology are further fueling global demand for the capacitors. The increased power generation by renewable energy, and new technological up gradations from the power market, and the deteriorating environment favors the power transmission system up gradations increasing share of capacitors to used globally.

Some of the other factors such as increasing electricity demand in developing economies such as India, Brazil, and China, are expected to impact due to the enhance grid infrastructure, and increase the electricity accessibility to the region's population. Additionally, the increasing demand from the various application industries, and regions are now generating several exciting opportunities for HV capacitors in the market.

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The emerging regions with high demand is Asia-Pacific which is projected to expand considerably due to the increasing investment in electricity sector, and the development of power transmission networks. In the APAC region, vast expanse of industrialization and urbanization has spiked power consumption capacities, moreover the distribution systems operating in the region is now adopting advanced technologies for reactive power compensation. Governments across several APAC countries are now inducing higher investment in their grid connection projects, while doing so, they are compelled to use efficient and reliable power transmission network systems.
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