Heramb Chocolatier Announces New Customized Product

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Published: Mon Jan 09 2017

Heramb Chocolatier specialize in “custom label brand” to chocolatiers, hotels, hypermarkets, Patisseries, etc. The private label packaging can be customized with logo, colors, and message, and creates a lovely piece for a business to present to its employees, vendors, or customers. In addition, this custom packaging can be designed for Arabian dates with the name, colors and a message to guests. Likewise, you may take avail of this custom packaging option, including those planning wedding, party, anniversary celebration or another special occasion. Worldwide shipping is available for all customers to allow for convenience anywhere.

Heramb Chocolate Factory, also known as a marketer, a chocolatier, an entrepreneur and an epicurean that connects luxury home grown chocolate products with cocoa harvesting- it is one of the world’s best chocolate makers to really grow cocoa beans, on our delectable plantation in Ghana. Heramb Chocolate Factory is committed to provide chocolate with less sugar, more cocoa butter for a healthier and more satisfying cocoa hit. Because we use top-quality cacao, and even our white chocolates have above average cocoa we can make chocolates with great nutrient-rich Cacao percentages, giving them ri­chness of taste.

Heramb Chocolatier’s all natural chocolates contain no artificial fillers, flavors, colors or preservatives. The detail maintained in making each chocolate product really makes a difference in the flavor. Simply the freshest, finest, good quality ingredients are used in each of Heramb’s chocolates. Just as vitally, flavorings are created from nature itself. Heramb’s nut flavors from nuts; orange flavor comes from orange; and liqueur flavors from the real name brands. There are no artificial preservatives and ingredients in any of Heramb’s succulent chocolates. Consumers may also be confirmed that every chocolate product is fresh. Each purchase is ready to order, ensuring that they haven’t been sitting on a store for months on end.

Heramb will promise you to offer the perfect quality product line with a competitive price and best of service at immediate delivery. Heramb is dedicated to create a place where luxury, wellbeing, and style come together with, in fact, chocolate and cocoa.

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About Us:
Heramb Chocolate Factory, a top class chocolate manufacturing facility in United Arab Emirates is a part of ARO Group that is known to deliver very best quality its standards. We bring the finest of expertise and talents to produce a broad range of chocolates and confectionary. Our broad range of Saudi and Emirati chocolate dates are hand selected direct from the cocoa which include ajwa, saggai, sukri, safawi, Khudri, majdool and so much more.
At Heramb Chocolate Factory, everything we do is simply possible because of you as our customer. We’ve enjoyed many rewarding years sharing our product line with you - and we look forward to sharing more!
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