Hebna Provides New Technology To Protect Pipelines And The Patio

From: Hebna Corporation
Published: Thu Jul 23 2009

Pipeline maintenance has become easier with Hebna. They have presented an advanced trenchless technology that enables to repair an existing pipeline not digging up the yard. Hebna is specialized in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipeline liner best preventing existing pipeline corrosion.

To assist the mounting of longer wire lines with greater compression Hebna have structured a unique 12” ??" 16” HDPE liner compression system- the HEBNA HYBRID. With the advent of “HEBNA HYBRID” it has successfully developed a compression system named as the “Roller Box”. This system is designed to pull out the liner pipe with hydraulic pump through the compression system. This technology has established the Master Service Agreement.

For the extreme technical advancement Hebna is been accounted on to provide most reliable service process in pipeline and water way restoration. According to the most efficient and experienced engineers of Hebna "inserting an HDPE liner is the best way to guarantee a zero leak solution".

The pipeline installation process of Hebna involves comparatively newer appliances and machineries with implementation of cutting edge technologies. Hebna engineers are intending to work with dual contaminant system to deal with sensitive waterways. They are providing highest quality liners creating a record in keeping post service commitments relentlessly.

The high-tech HDPE solution with successful implementation of fusion process reduces the amount of tension to be inserted to pull out the liner through compression system. The entire process of pipeline installation with Hebna is completely seamless as they claim to provide neat service not disturbing the patio. With the planning of pursuing inner projects in Mexico Hebna has come up with the polyethylene pipeline liner installation process and other safety programs in real time via ISNET world.

All of the machineries and HDPE liners are hydraulically tested to ensure the integrity of their service process. Placing a request to the official site of Hebna, their service packages can be availed. Hebna customers have a great esteem for their service process and the client base include OXY Petroleum, Kinder Morgan, ENCANA, Chevron, HESS Corporation, Woodward Iodine etc. Their experience and authenticity have their place as an eminent HDPE pipeline liner service provider through out the United States and Canada.

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