Hartford Dryer Vent Cleaning Technician Shows his Spirit for Fire Prevention Month

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Published: Thu Sep 30 2010

Dryer vent cleaning is the best way to prevent dryer related fires. It is also very good for the clothes dryer as it promotes maximum air flow for clothes dryer efficiency. Unfortunately, too many people are not aware of how crucial dryer vent cleaning is to fire prevention and dryer performance.

During National Fire Prevention Month in October, John Moffat, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard of Hartford, encourages consumers to show their spirit by having their dryer vent system inspected and to look around their home for other potential fire hazards. ?"Clothes dryers are more likely to cause a fire than a furnace or stove,” said Moffat. ?"Unfortunately, clothes dryers are also the most neglected appliance when it comes to annual maintenance. Few people are aware that dryer vent cleaning is their number one defense against dryer fires.”

One of the most common complaints that John hears from his customers is their dryer is starting to take longer to get clothes dry. ?"I have found that some people think this means they need a new dryer,” said Moffat. ?"Few are aware that increased drying time indicates poor airflow. Rarely does it mean that the dryer is worn out or in need of repair. Dryer vent cleaning is the solution.”

Another common misconception among consumers is thinking that if they clean the lint screen after every load, then professional dryer vent cleaning is not necessary. ?"Keeping the lint filter clean is great maintenance; however, it is not enough to ensure safety and efficiency,” sad Moffat. ?"Eventually, dryer lint will build up in the dryer vent system and need to be addressed.”

John explains to all his customers that the lint screen only traps about 60% of lint removed from laundry. ?"The lint that escapes the lint filter will end up in the dryer ducts and the dryer cabinet,” said Moffat. ?"Every dryer vent system needs dryer vent cleaning performed periodically. There is no maintenance-free dryer vent system.”

John Moffat owns Dryer Vent Wizard of Hartford County, specializing in professional dryer vent installation and dryer vent cleaning for homes and businesses. Education is an important part of the Wizard’s service and extra effort is applied during National Fire Prevention Month in October. Visit http://www.dryerventwizard.com and click on ?"Wizdom” to learn more.


John Moffat
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There is one fire hazard that could be lurking in over 80% of American homes today…Read http://www.dryerventcleaninghartford.com/2009/05/dryer-vent-cleaning-removes-danger-that.html

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