Guberman-PMC Founder Daryl Guberman Reaches out to President Trump Warning him of Hidden Dangers Fro

From: ABAC Headquarters
Published: Fri Mar 08 2019

New York, NY (USA), March 7, 2019 -- There's no doubt that President Donald Trump is doing all he can to make American businesses and the economy proper and for Americans to be able to be proud again. Passionate business leader Daryl Guberman, CEO of Guberman-PMC (, is doing his best to help in the world of quality accreditation, which is dominated by the Chinese-national led IAF and their co-conspirators ANSI-ANAB. ANSI-ANAB and the IAF are affiliated with Iran, Pakistan, Russia, and a number of other enemies of America in what Guberman calls the “Quality Cartel”. Guberman addresses President Trump, a man he admires, directly, in his new YouTube video, “Daryl Guberman-CEO Talks With President Donald Trump About Iran & His State Of The Union Address” (, about this problem and even presents a solution ??" the new MAGA Certification.

“We are standing with the President against the enemies of America and the sworn enemies of our closest ally Israel,” remarked Guberman. “This is why we created the MAGA Certification. Patriots need to stand together and with a man, finally, in office who wants to change things for the better we are going to do everything we can do to help.”

Guberman points to how the new Maga Certification will only be given to United States-based companies who are acting ethically and in America's best interests. By closing this loop and driving out Chinese-national led associations like the IAF, the entire country will benefit.

In addition to the business elements of Guberman's message he also stressed his appreciation that President Trump took the time to thank and praise Jewish people for their contributions to making America the country it is through hard, loyal, work. Guberman is a Jewish-American himself and it was clear President Trump touched him personally with this powerfully inclusive stance, which is quite rare in a world where Jewish people are often under great threat.

Expect Guberman-PMC's YouTube series to continue as the charismatic speaker Daryl Guberman stands up for what's right, despite the odds.

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