Greg Schmidt Offers Solution for Struggling Brick and Mortar Businesses!

Published: Mon Mar 22 2010

"Way too many brick and mortar businesses continue to use the "old school" way of marketing. Putting ads in newspapers and local magazines now a days is not going to cut it! No one looks at newspapers and magazines! The internet is where it's at!"

Greg Schmidt, an experienced internet marketer, has a solution for these struggling brick and mortar businesses to increase traffic volume to their stores and websites by incorporating "new school" ways.

" I have conversations with business owners every single day, and most owners have no idea how to market on the internet. I ask them how do they market their business and they all say these 3 things: Put ads in newspapers, put ads in local ad magazines, and word of mouth.

They continue to spend hundreds of dollars on putting ads in newspapers and local magazines that no one reads!! These business owners are throwing away their money! The internet is where you HAVE to be to keep costumers coming."

In the past few years, marketing products and services on the internet to a wider base of potential costumers has dramatically increased sales and volume to business owners' doors by those who know how to do these simple and cost effective ways to bring more traffic.

"Marketing on the internet is actually pretty easy. Once you understand these simple strategies and techniques, your store or website will have NO competition."

So what kind of strategies can business owners implement now?

"Social Media! Yes, I mean sites like Facebook and Twitter and huge sites for business owners to learn how to leverage to attract more people. Facebook right now gets more people visiting their site than Google!. You can place a simple targeted ad to everyone in the world or a local one to people just in your town or city. Facebook shows you step by step instructions on how to place this kind of ad."

This is just one example of many that Greg Schmidt has to offer struggling brick and mortar businesses along with franchises.

"If you don't learn these strategies now, they only thing struggling businesses may learn is how to properly hang a "out of business" sign on their door."

Learning internet marketing strategies is the future for businesses to prosper. Internet marketing WILL cut down the "out of business" rate tremendously by implementing this. Get the info Greg Schmidt has to share with ALL business owners whether it may be brick and mortar or struggling online businesses at the bottom of this news release.

"Get this information only if you have a business that that you want to become or stay successful."

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