Graphic Products releases guide to reading material safety data sheets (MSDS)

From: Graphic Products, Inc.
Published: Thu Sep 24 2009

A new guide called “How to Read Material Safety Data Sheets” is now available free from Graphic Products, Inc. The guide explains OSHA’s requirements for MSDS and labeling requirements for hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

"The MSDS guide provides basic information for understanding material safety data sheets so workers are aware of specific hazards and so they understand safety precautions to be taken when chemicals are present,” said Steve Hudgik, corporate marketing manager at Graphic Products.

According to OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), employers must provide employees with information about hazards and identities of chemicals in their workplace by implementing a hazard communication program using material safety data sheets. Additionally, all containers that hold potentially hazardous materials must be properly labeled using correct information from the MSDS. This includes color bar RTK labels and NFPA diamond labels.

Material safety data sheets describe in detail proper procedures for working around chemicals and handling chemicals. MSDSs feature information about a hazardous chemical’s physical data, toxicity, reactivity, storage and disposal, associated health effects and proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for handing spills.

“Chemical manufacturers produce the material safety data sheets, and they are required to provide them to their customers. It is the standard method for communicating information about hazardous materials.” said Hudgik. “Consequently, employees must know how to read MSDSs for the protection of all employees and to be in compliance with codes such as OSHA’s HCS 1910.1200, ANSI Z129 and ANSI Z400.1-224.”

The following is a list of contents found in “How to Read Material Safety Data Sheets”:

1. Introduction
- Welcome to Understanding Material Safety Data Sheets

2. OSHA’s Hazard Communications Standard Background

3. What are MSDSs & What are They For?
- OSHA Requirements
- Requirements for Manufacturers
- Reading a Typical MSDS
- Canadian Version of MSDS

4. Creating Safety Labels Using MSDSs
- Right-To-Know (RTK) Labels
- Color Bar RTK Labels
- NFPA Diamond Labels
- Label Placement
- Label Maintenance

5. Summary

The MSDS guide also includes basic information about the DuraLabel® PRO and DuraLabel® PRO 300, label and sign printers specifically engineered to create safety labels associated with material safety data sheets: RTK labels and NFPA 704 diamond labels. A glossary of terms is found at the end of the MSDS guide.

“How to Read Material Safety Data Sheets” is available free from Graphic Products. It may be requested by visiting or by calling Graphic Products at 1-888-326-9244.

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