Graphic Products expands specialty label supply line

From: Graphic Products, Inc.
Published: Wed Jul 08 2009

Three new specialty label supplies join what is becoming quite a strong list of labeling products offered by Graphic Products, Inc. New to the list are Embossable Poly Supply (Metallized), Nylon Label Supply and Magnetic Supply.

“Recent additions to our inventory of specialty supplies have benefited our customers tremendously,” said Stacy Foos, director of product development at Graphic Products. “Customers are continually coming up with new application ideas for labels and signs, and these new specialty supplies allow their creative labeling ideas to be fulfilled.”

Embossable Poly Supply (Metallized), designed with a 6.0-mil silver metallized film coating, is engineered to maintain a soft impression when information is written on it using a standard ballpoint pen. This unique supply trait allows customers the ability to pen personalized information directly on labels and prevents penned information from being easily altered. Because Embossable Poly Supply comes on a roll of blank, metallized silver, all of the label's information??"the template and personalized information like name and date??"can easily be printed directly onto the supply.

One of the most popular uses for Embossable Poly Supply is for inspection labels, said Foos.

For uneven, bent or highly textured surfaces, Graphic Products now offers Nylon Label Supply. Special characteristics within the Nylon Label Supply’s makeup protect the topcoat from cracking, allowing labels the flexibility to conform to such application surfaces. Information printed on the supply will not become so easily distorted. This trait of flexibility provides for enhanced labeling on fabric or other complex surfaces.

Uses for Nylon Label Supply include wiring projects in industrial settings, garment care and rubber moldings.

Magnetic Supply is engineered for temporary label applications and provide sturdy adherence to most metal surfaces. As no chemicals or glues are needed for adhesion, Magnetic Supply is easily removable and transferable to a variety of metal applications like metal drums, tools, vehicles, racks and shelving.

“What’s great about Magnetic Supply is that a DuraLabel can print on it with as much high quality as other supplies, even though Magnetic Supply comparatively much thicker than other supplies,” said Foos. “There are literally so many uses for it in industrial workplaces because the same labels can be used over and over again.”

Embossable Poly Supply, Nylon Label Supply, and Magnetic Supply may be ordered by calling Graphic Products at 1-800-788-5572. For more information, visit

Graphic Products is a leading label printer and supplies dealer. It has been supplying industrial label and sign printers and supplies to industry since 1970. It is the manufacturer of the DuraLabel brand of printers that include the handheld DuraLabel 2000 up through the wide format DuraLabel 9000, and it also carry a wide variety of labelers made by other manufacturers. In addition to DuraLabel, it stocks label printer brands such as Brady, Kroy, Brother, K-Sun, Dymo and Varitronics. It also stock supplies for discontinued label printers. Graphic Products specializes in fast, same-day shipping to meet its customers’ just-in-time delivery requirements. The Graphic Products Web site is located at: Printers and supplies may be ordered by calling 1-800-788-5572.
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