Graffiti Taggers Have Met Their Match -- Company Prevents Graffiti on Any Surface

Published: Mon Oct 09 2006

Graffiti taggers leave their unsightly marks on walls, buildings, bridges, and any surface they can find, but now surfaces can be treated so the graffiti will not stick.

Seal America, Inc. uses nanotechnology to seal any surface with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly product. After treatment graffiti just washes off quickly and easily.

Graffiti is everywhere, and it is growing. Homes, businesses, public buildings, schools and virtually all public places are fighting a losing battle with no end in sight.

Sandblasting, painting over with unmatched paint, and other forms of "scrubbing" often causes "scars" that are almost as unattractive as graffiti itself. Over painting also leaves a tempting canvas that invites more graffiti.

"Our highly trained technicians can quickly and completely remove graffiti from almost any substrate. They can also treat the surfaces to resist future graffiti attacks, making subsequent graffiti removal a light task," explained Robert Lysne of Seal America, Inc.

"One of our many unique products, Bullet Proof Graffiti Armor, goes a giant step farther than anything on the market. Bullet Proof will actually serve as a permanent deterrent to further "tagging." Bullet Proof's ability to cause most paints to congeal on many surfaces rending the message or "art" to be instantly illegible. With no message being left behind, most taggers will move on to a more receptive surface," he added.

Several colleges and universities have found this product to be the perfect protection for their campus mascots and statuary. Utility companies and cities are slashing their abatement costs by thousands of dollars.

Seal America can protect virtually any surface from more than just graffiti. It is durable, invisible, stain resistant and does not change the original finish or appearance. Utilizing hybrid resins, leading-edge nano-particulate and powerful U.V. screens, the formula provides superior protection from the damaging effects of extreme temperatures, humidity, mold, mildew, algae, rain, snow, and the sun's harmful rays.

Graffiti is often the first indication that gang activity is present in a community. It is the newspaper of gangs and serves to mark the gang's power and status. Graffiti warns intruders that they are not welcome. It is also be an advertisement for the sale of drugs. It is no wonder that there are many new laws that require owners to remove graffiti from their property.

Individuals and businesses face large penalties for allowing graffiti to stay in place. Seal America's removal, deterrent and maintenance programs are designed to keep surfaces "graffiti free."

The products are non-toxic and have no negative effects on human health or the environment.

About Seal America, Inc.
Seal America, Inc, is establishing a national team of licensed distributors and applicators who can offer permanent protection for almost any surface. The treatment can prevent the ravages of salt, freeze and thaw cycles, oil spills, general aging, moisture, and graffiti. The company provides detailed information on a web site at

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