Graffiti 911 Creates Website to Empower Graffiti Victims

From: Graffiti 911
Published: Thu Sep 18 2008

If your home or business has ever been vandalized by graffiti criminals, you know you are not alone. The latest reports cite graffiti abatement costs of $25 billion nationwide. Tualatin-based Graffiti 911 now has a website to provide resources in combating the increase in graffiti all over the country,

Carla Thaler, president of Graffiti 911, is a certified expert on graffiti for courts in the states of Oregon, Washington and Pennsylvania. Together with co-founder, Michael Thayer, she has established a clearinghouse on the internet to provide people with tools to prevent, abate and clean up graffiti.

"Graffiti 911 helps municipalities, businesses, and police agencies combat graffiti with expert services and tools for graffiti eradication, enforcement, and education. It is vital that the members at all levels of a community work together to handle the growing graffiti problem," said Thaler. "For instance, the most effective graffiti fighting technique is to remove it as soon as possible. If graffiti vandals see their graffiti removed in a short period of time at a given location, they eventually get frustrated and quit. Ideally, graffiti should be removed within 48 to 72 hours. Graffiti 911 can show any community the most effective ways to stay on top of graffiti problems and make a real difference." exists because of a number of trends in graffiti removal:
- General confusion about graffiti
- Shrinking budgets to handle the problem
- Frustration over ineffectiveness of programs
- A lack of consistent resources
- No single source for graffiti products or services

According to Thaler, "We've created an innovative model that we believe brings a new era to graffiti management. We break down the barriers and help communities manage their graffiti problems in a cost-effective manner. As a one-stop shop, Graffiti 911 combines over 15 years of experience with the best products and techniques on the market. tells our story."
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