Gourmet Popcorn Site Announces "Movie Nights At Home" Contest in Response to Economy

From: JustPoppin.com
Published: Fri Jun 26 2009

With economic woes sweeping the nation, flat-screen TV sales, surprisingly, have increased 23 percent since 2008 - indicating that more people are choosing to stay home and watch movies rather than shell out big bucks at movie theaters.

This comes as no surprise to the owners of www.JustPoppin.com, who are announcing their new ?"Movie Nights At Home” contest, for all current and new newsletter subscribers.

"The time just seemed right to do something like this," said business owner Jennie Smolow. "The economy has everybody hurting in one way or another. It''s a fact that people are going out less, while watching movies at home is more popular than ever. We know that our gourmet popcorn helps make those nights at home more fun for our current customers and this is an opportunity for us to bring that enjoyment to even more people."

Popcorn has been intertwined with the movie-going experience since the 1920. It is one of the original "comfort foods." During the Great Depression, for just a penny, Americans could experience the unique and enjoyable flavor of warm, just popped popcorn. The connection between the movies and popcorn continued and today is as strong as ever.

Popping popcorn can be a fun activity for the whole family while preparing for Movie Nights At Home. It''s also financially sensible considering 2 pounds of gourmet popcorn kernels cost less than a single large bucket of popcorn at most movie theaters, according to Smolow.

The contest may be entered by visiting www.justpoppin.com/contest and subscribing to the JustPoppin.com newsletter.

Winners will receive a package containing Mushroom Popcorn, Redi-Glaze caramel popcorn frosting, white coconut popping oil, Movie Pop Movie Theater Popcorn, butter flavored coconut popping oil, and Flavacol authentic movie theater popcorn seasoning.

Winners will also get 2 sample-sized packs of JustPoppin.com gourmet caramel popcorn. One winner will be announced each Friday at noon on 6/19, 6/26/, 7/3, and 7/10. Winners will be notified by email. Contest rules are posted on the website.

About JustPoppin.com:
www.JustPoppin.com is an internet-based business created by a husband and wife team of gourmet popcorn lovers, who offer a wide range of flavors and varieties of popcorn, and popcorn items, including the unique Mushroom Popcorn variety of kernels, "straight from the farm, fresh" caramel popcorn in decorative gift tins, and popcorn seasonings. JustPoppin.com also caters to groups and organizations with easy and profitable wholesale and fundraising packages.

www.JustPoppin.com is the leading supplier of gourmet mushroom popcorn kernels, and movie theater popcorn kernels to home users, group and office users, and small business users. JustPoppin.com''s popcorn is always farm fresh from America''s Heartland and is not genetically modified (non-GMO).
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