Fantastic New Comforter Released New bedding product for those who like a well-made bed

From: Celestine & Co
Published: Tue Jun 06 2017

A fantastic new bedding product has been launched today by the ecommerce company Celestine & Co. The product, which is made from 100% polyester, is a quilted comforter. Made from the highest quality materials, this comforter is available in several elegant colours including lavender, white, royal blue, and light yellow. It comes in three convenient sizes: Queen, King and Twin. The comforter comes in a wonderful quilted design with diamond shaped pockets to keep you warm and cosy all winter long.

When winter arrives, it is often hard to know what items to make your bed with. Will you be too hot because of central heating? Or will you be too cold due to draughty doors and windows? Often you will start the night being too cold and end up too warm, throwing off the bed clothes in the middle of the night. That is where Celestine & Co's comforter comes in. You simply layer the comforter on top of the bed, over your sheets and duvet, adding it as a pretty finishing touch to your bed. The extra layer keeps you comfortable and cosy when it's cold outside, and can easily be removed if the temperature gets too warm. It makes a great addition to your duvet and means you can turn down the heating a few degrees if needed.

Celestine & Co's CEO had this to say:

"We are really pleased to be offering this new comforter product as the latest addition to Celestine & Co's range of bedding items. We hope it will keep customers warm and cosy on cold winter nights. This item comes in a range of attractive colours and is made with the highest manufacturing standards."

Other people are happy about the new comforter product, too. One customer said this:

"I'm very happy with my new comforter, it is just what I needed to finish off my bedroom look and it gives my bed a great layered effect. On a practical level, it is super warm and just what I was looking for to keep cosy in bed this winter."

One of the benefits of this 100% polyester comforter is that it is machine washable and wrinkle resistant, unlike a lot of other bespoke bedding items. This means it can be easily removed and washed when needed. The quilted pockets are designed to distribute the polyester evenly throughout the blanket, locking in heat.

To purchase your new comforters, head over to Celestine & Co's Amazon products or visit their website.

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