Networkers are already noticing people new to the industry pouring in as their need to pay off debt becomes a necessity in the poor economy. Home-based business owners are noticing an increase of people coming into the field as lay offs increase.

[USPRwire, Thu Jan 29 2009] Home-based professionals are noticing more people entering the networking field than ever before, announced some members of the Ultra Dream Team yesterday, as a result of so many trying to pay off debt while lay offs are on the rise in traditional industries.

"In today's economy having one job to pay off debt just doesn't cut it especially when thousands are getting hours cut or being laid off. But who wants to get a second job? Networking allows you to make your own hours on your own time while supplementing your income to pay off debt. And people from our team are seeing more people new to this industry than ever before because of the economic crises," said Ultra Dream Team member, Brad Smith.

According to one of the most popular resolutions expected for 2009 is to pay off debt, which is probably not surprising to many with so many companies continuing to layoff including the 7,000 being laid off by Home Depot announced the other day.

The 20-year-old wellness company the Dream Team belongs to named Ultra International, offers supplemental income opportunity in easing the burden of paying off debt and their team is made up of people from every economic background and age group.

Ultra International offers people a way to leverage themselves through network marketing, allowing them to pay off debt. They can also get paid back on items they are consuming on a daily basis already and work with a group of people who will train and support them as well.

Ultra International started out in liquid soap recently opened up the doors for others to start making more money through the power of network marketing. It offers not only health-related products for weight loss, antioxidants and energy purposes but products such as laundry soap and lotion. In other words, products people are using already.

Brad & Kelly Smith are founders of their home based marketing business, BKS Mindset Marketing. To find out more information go to: and sign up for your free team builder site or contact us at For more information about Ultra International and being part of the Marketing Warrior and CFMG team, call toll free: 866-804-3398.

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