Best Man Speech Insight rules out development of Best Man Speech Generator

Published: Thu Aug 27 2009

Everybody nowadays wants everything fast. All of us are looking for push button solutions and the best men from around the world are no exceptions. Every one out of five best men asks if there is a best man speech generator available. And there are web sites that do offer such solutions. But when asked if is also planning to develop a similar web or desktop application, Andrew Royce, the marketing head of, ruled out any such possibility in the near future.

Andrew Royce explained why his company is not considering a speech generator. He said, "Speech generators are nothing but a little piece of script or application that sources data from a data base of pre-populated speech segments and put them together to generate a speech. But to get the best man speech of your choice you need to click the button repeatedly before you could really have one. We at consider best man speeches as an art or a piece of literature and we understand that your reputation depends on your best man speech. So, we would always prefer to keep away from any kind of automation and adhere to what we and our majority of our customers think to be the best until and unless we are absolutely convinced that the generated best man speeches are going to help the best men in a better way by churning out superior speeches."

Andrew further stated that is ever trying to improve it’s publications based on feedbacks from the customers. "Our customers are our biggest assets. We try to develop our best man speech materials depending on their experiences. And we are doing well as far as the sales of our products are concerned. The wedding season is fully on and we are perfectly geared up to serve our customers, the best men from around the globe."

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