Benjamin Tran of VIC Capital Joins Imperialiís Advisory Board

From: Palm Beach Imperials
Published: Fri Oct 06 2006

Mr. Tran has sixteen years of diverse experience including Mergers & Acquisitions, investor relations, strategic marketing and international business.

Mr. Tran worked for and held senior management positions in reputable technology companies such as Micron Technology, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Philips Semiconductors, VLSI Technologies.

As an advisor, Tran will be responsible for helping companies expand to new markets internationally, particularly in the Asia Pacific and Vietnamese markets.

Chief Operating Officer Dan Mangru, who was recently in Vietnam earlier this year for an international business summit, stated, ďWith Mr. Tranís experience and background in international and Asian markets, specifically Vietnam, we are very excited about the growth opportunities that are available to us. We look forward towards Mr. Tran being a valued asset of our team and relations based on trust, honor, and mutual respect.Ē

Tran has been working in collaboration with the several alliances and partners including international investment banks, venture capital firms, private equity groups, investor networks, US Department of Commerce, California Chamber of Commerce, and international development agencies while adding values to foreign investment programs as well as accelerating international JV activities.

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