Barter and Trade Exchange Offers Online Bartering and Gives Away Memberships

Published: Wed Oct 18 2006

Debbie DeSousa, founder of Barter Bucks, Inc., helps businesses trade goods and services to increase their inventory and reduce business overhead.

"Businesses can find new customers they would not otherwise find by offering to trade through a barter exchange rather than sell for cash. That way they can move excess inventory, then spend the barter credits they receive on other goods or services they need. This saves cash and reduces overhead," explained DeSousa.

She provides barter services to clients all over the world through a web site at, where her members can sell and buy online. There are currently more than $80 million in items for sale, but not for dollars.

"The items listed on the site are sold for barter dollars. When a business receives barter they can then turn around and make a purchase from another member, or save the barter credit until it is needed," said DeSousa. "My dream is to merge the best of the Internet with the best of Barter."

There are many small, local barter exchanges, but DeSousa has created a network of members who trade globally. She has over 10 years of experience and was the president of the Internet Marketing Association. She owned a BXI national barter franchise, and was elected president of the BXI Area Directors Association. Four years later she started Barter Bucks, Inc.

Business owners with no barter experience, and those with many years of experience are able to benefit from her services. She provides a free membership to all new members, and awards them with $50 in barter credit for successfully trading with others and $100 in barter for recruiting others to be a member. Details are on the web site.

"I will be happy to work one-on-one with anyone who wants to give barter a try. It is actually very easy to list items for sale and to shop in our barter store. Barter is used to buy and sell all the same things businesses buy and sell for cash, so I am sure you will find customers ready to buy from you when you join," said DeSousa.

About Barter Bucks, Inc.
Debbie DeSousa is the owner of Barter Bucks, Inc., a barter exchange with a global membership. She offers free memberships to new members and rewards them with barter credits for selling and for recruiting others. Details can be found on her web site at

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