The symbol: Adinkra “Bese Saka” used is from Ghana and it means Unity, togetherness, Affluence and Power which befits President Barack Obama (The Golden One).

[USPRwire, Thu Dec 04 2008] A new, fresh and exciting look in men's fashion, from designer Thony Anyiam's very popular "Alite" collection. The Bese Saka shirt is African inspired Mandarin style tuxedo shirt with hand design African style embroidery motifs on the collar, bodice (style not shown) and cufflinks thereby eliminates the need for neck/bowtie and cufflinks. The fabric is 100% fine cotton brocade. The embellishment is black embroidery thread and metallic gold trimming. The modified Adinkra symbol "Bese Saka" is from Ghana and it means Unity, togetherness affluence, and power words that befit President Barack Obama (The Golden One).

The color black represents intensified spirituality, and energy, while the gold means; elegance, high status, and supreme quality. A classic and classy look for today men tired of same old boring look, and ready for a change! Yes you can wear an Armani tuxedo with an Anyiams’s Alite shirt. ‘Alite” stands for “top of the line, superior, and A-list

The event of November 04, 2008 inspired this 100% Silk American flag Necktie and marching Scarf. To commemorate this historic event, (the election of Mr. Barack Obama as the first African American President of the United States of America) "The 44th President, November 04, 2008" among other important date and information are woven in the label. Also added is September 11, 2001, two important dates in modern American history. It will make a great gift idea for friend, and relatives, and a collector’s item. There is nothing like it in the market.

About Author: Thony C. Anyiam is Nigerian born, USA base International renowned fashion designer and author of widely popular new style book: Jumping the broom in style.. A collection of styles and information for the entire wedding party. He is considered one of Africa's premier and influential fashion designer. He is credited with the pioneer of modern Afrocentric bridal wear. His fashion have been featured world wide in print and broadcast media including on his successful website: Some of his notable creations includes: A line of African inspired /African American (Afrocentric) unique wedding attire for the bride and groom, Men’s formal wear line, A fall outwear and beach wear collection and many more. You can find more about Mr. Anyiam and his collection on his website.
Serious interested investors are welcome. Buyers please contact Mr. Anyiam for details.

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