A recent study conducted at the Kuopio University Hospital shows that people who exercise less frequently are more likely to be depressed. Baltimore personal trainer Yudi Kerbel discusses why this is a GOOD thing for Baltimore residents.

[USPRwire, Sat Oct 24 2009] A recent study conducted at the Kuopio University Hospital in Finland has revealed that people who exercise less frequently are more likely to feel hopeless and depressed than those who are active on a regular basis.

Personal Trainer Yudi Kerbel, head trainer of Dynamic Results Fitness of Baltimore, says, ?"We’re at a time in history when more people than ever are feeling hopeless and depressed due to the economic circumstances we are facing. But this study offers new hope by showing that increasing our levels of activity and exercise can help us get over our feelings of negativity and start moving our lives back onto a positive track”

The study showed that feeling hopeless has been linked to increased risk of heart disease and mortality, and that those who feel hopeless are likely to have "more pronounced features" of the metabolic syndrome, a cluster of symptoms that boosts risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

?"Regaining a positive view of yourself is absolutely critical to ‘getting back on the horse’ and reclaiming your life and career during these difficult times”, says Kerbel. ?"Not to mention the fact that other studies have shown that people who are in better physical shape are more likely to get hired to new jobs and advance their careers”.

In order to encourage people to improve their levels of activity and reclaim their happiness and their success, Dynamic Results Fitness is offering their own ‘stimulus package’ to their revolutionary Body Transformation Bootcamp program.

The Baltimore Body Transformation Bootcamp is a fitness bootcamp which is designed specifically for people who have a tough time getting results with regular exercise programs. Sessions are kept short – only 30 to 40 minutes long – and incorporate a blend of bodyweight resistance training, flexibility training and cross training into a fun, enjoyable and intense fat loss workout.

Says Kerbel, ?"Our goal is to give people twice the results in half the time, so that they can achieve the results that they want and improve their health and appearance without having to commit a huge chunk of time to exercising”.

For a limited time, new participants can get their own total body transformation for 50% off the regular price – and those people who have been laid off and are looking for a new job get in free of charge.

?"Getting laid off can be a tough experience but it can also be a springboard to rediscovering and reinventing yourself and starting a new chapter in your life”, says Kerbel. ?"We want to encourage people to make the most of the opportunity and use it to maximize their personal growth and development – and what better way than by transforming their bodies and reclaiming their health and appearance”?

The Baltimore Body Transformation Bootcamp takes place in Pikesville (exit 22 off the I-695) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6:15 – 6:45 am. To register for the bootcamp while places are still available, trainees should call Dynamic Results Fitness on 877-348-6698.


Personal Trainer Yudi Kerbel is available for interviews on this topic or any others related to fitness, health, nutrition and exercise in the Baltimore area or nationally. He can be reached via phone on 877-348-6698, via email at yudi@personaltrainingbaltimore.com or via the Dynamic Results Fitness website at http://www.personaltrainingbaltimore.com .

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