AvidBiometrics.com Announces a Complete Line of Biometric Time Clocks.

From: AvidBiometrics.com
Published: Thu Aug 27 2009

A new line of biometric time clocks and biometric time and attendance systems are now available to HR professionals seeking to streamline their payroll procedures.

AvidBiometrics.com now stocks over twenty types of biometric time clocks and is becoming a one stop solution for those looking to implement biometric security methods into their businesses. The complete line includes popular products from over ten leading manufacturers in biometric time clocks.

Biometric time and attendance systems work similarly to traditional time clocks; however, they have dozens of extra cost saving benefits that you won’t find with traditional punch, PIN, or ID card time clocks. With traditional time clocks, HR departments waste hours tabulating time cards, keeping track of tardiness, and dealing with payroll disputes. A biometric time clock can eliminate these risks with an almost immediate guaranteed return on the investment in the attendance system.

Furthermore, biometric time clocks completely eliminate the phenomenon known as ‘Buddy Punching’ where employees punch their friends time cards for them so that they can manipulate your payroll system by having someone punch their time card or PIN when they arrive late, leave early, or take extra lunches. Even for a small business of under 20 employees, ‘Buddy Punching’ can cost your business thousands of dollars annually.

AvidBiometrics.com offers complete turnkey biometric time clock solutions that will integrate with almost any Windows based network and many clocks offer convenient integration with popular payroll management software.

For more information on purchasing a biometric time clock, visit www.avidbiometrics.com

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