Atlanta Contractor Community Rallies to Welcome Local Hero “Home”

From: Ask Cary Duke
Published: Tue Jul 13 2010

Tom Wolfe said ?"you can never go back home again”, and for a severely wounded Georgia soldier, the words rang true. After being attacked on a tour of duty in Iraq, Corporal Joshua Lindsey of Cumming faced dramatic changes. Lindsey had sustained multiple internal injuries and lost the use of both legs. Never again would he be able to fend for himself in a typical house. But the people of Forsyth County stepped up, eager to welcome home one of their own. DeJardin Construction Services and other local contractors joined forces with ?"Homes For Our Troops” to give Corporal Lindsey a free, accessible home – custom designed to allow him the comfort and independence a hero has earned.

In an era when the market for new homes has all but halted, it’s unusual to see a collective barn-raising effort. Lindsey was amazed at the outpouring of support. ?"The whole community turned out to build me a house”, he said. Corporal Joshua Lindsey is slowly learning to negotiate with his personal limitations. His neighbors’ gratitude, however, is unlimited.

In February of two thousand five, Corporal Joshua Lindsey was on patrol in Iraq...was attacked. "I got blown up twice and shot twice in the side" Joshua Lindsey recounted. His insides were ripped up...his legs severely injured. Doctors saved his life...but not his ability to walk. "You can sit around and wonder why this has happened to you for years, and stay stuck in a stagnant life" Joshua Lindsey said. "Or you can figure out your limitations and learn to live around them."

?"It was just an honor to be involved,” said Brian DeJardin, of DeJardin Construction Services, ?"and to have the opportunity to give a home to someone who had given so much to protect ours”. Homes For Our Troops is an all-volunteer organization founded to support returning soldiers with special needs. The project has already built over fifty houses, and relies solely on donated materials and labor. Several more custom homes are under construction. For more information on Homes For Our Troops visit For more information about DeJardin Construction Services visit
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