Artist Teams with to Launch it's Capital Campaign and Build a Global Theate

Published: Sat Jan 24 2009

On Jan 20th, 2009 Artist Magnet LLC Launched it's Capital Campaign Globally to build the innovative theater networking website that will propel theater into the 21st century. They have teamed with, a well established funding facilitator to manage their campaign through it's easy and secure online services.

Artist Magnet has a vision. Imagine a world in which millions of artists and venues everywhere are virtually connected through our collaborators and our work - a 6 degrees of separation for the theater world online in one collective community, saving theatrical artists, companies, and venues precious time, money and resources; making contacts, developing relationships and cultivating new projects; unleashing an unstoppable support network for Artists everywhere.

Our new network connects actors, directors, producers, designers, playwrights, managers, dramaturges, crew, puppeteers, singers, dancers, musicians, instructors, other artists, audiences, fans and more through shows and venues in their communities and around the world.

We provide a comprehensive search engine, allowing members to find information about artists, shows, and venues anywhere in the world. Its like IMDb, Facebook, Craigslist, and Wikipedia all in one. Here, artists can build their own customized hyperlinking resumes, instantly connecting to fellow artists in their past, present and upcoming shows, which in turn instantly connect to other shows in their venues, which connect to artists in those shows, and so on.

We also offer Artistplace: a place for artists to find work, auditions, classes, and other theater related products.

California resident David Mack is the founder and chief architect behind the Artist Magnet concept. He has assembled a building team which includes Emmitt Thrower, the founder and producer of, Kubra Basdogan, an IT Consultant, Aycil Yeltan an experienced Producer and actress in Europe, New York, and Los Angeles. David Xue is the Coding Consultant and will lead the coding and development of Artist Magnet's network platform. David is the founder of

We are excited to be partnering with helps entrepreneurs raise money for businesses through friends and family and other investors rather than through traditional financial institutions. 40billion.comís scalable platform facilitates the funding requests and transactions to make it easier for an entrepreneur to manage many investors.

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Artist Magnet LLC is a California Corporation formed by founder David Mack in 2008. Their goal is to build from the ground up a worldwide theater networking site Artist They are actively seeking Investors and Sponsors to participate with them in this venture.

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