Archival Storage Products Help to Sort, Save and Secure Photos, Critical Documents says Frame Supply

From: Frame Destination, Incorporated
Published: Sat Aug 29 2009

Frame Destination, Incorporated, a Dallas-based fine-art photography frame and framing Supplies Company, announces highlights in their archival storage products line. Frame Destination, Incorporated, owned by company president Mark Rogers and doing e-commerce at, specializes in archival-quality wood and metal picture frames and framing supplies.

Photo and picture framing supply founder Mark Rogers says, "Archival photo storage products make it easy to sort, save and secure photos and critical documents." Frame Destination's extensive line includes items like photo storage boxes, CD storage sleeves and clear bags. By using these, along with appropriate conservation quality framing supplies such as acid-free mount board, archival mat boards and museum quality mats, photographers and artists can preserve the surface of the fine art and protect it from yellowing, discoloration and other forms of damage.

Due to the increase of computer use in the home and workplace and a subsequent rise in digital graphics, including digital photography, many hobbyists as well as professional photographers have a growing collection of CDs and DVDs used for digital graphics storage. This has certainly added an advantage in photo storage over paper prints that degrade rapidly over time when exposed to moisture, pollutants and sunlight. CDs and DVDs also offer an affordable option for long-term digital image storage. However, Frame Destination recommends that digital photographers use these storage devices in conjunction with archival sleeves for added protection to the surfaces of the discs.

Acid free photo storage products are also making it easier to organize and preserve large quantities of digital images. CDs, DVDs as well as film pictures can be placed into archival sleeves for protection. These archival sleeves can then go into notebooks, folders or envelopes for sorting and cataloging purposes, and the notebooks, folders and envelopes can be grouped together and stored in acid-free photo archival boxes.

Amateur and professional photographers, scrapbookers, gallery owners, colleges, universities, museums and other institutions that display and store fine art are in need of high quality archival storage products. Frame Destination, Incorporated offers a full line of acid free photo storage products that fit the bill.
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