Apartment Search Suggestions for First Time Renters

Published: Tue Oct 20 2009

Most first time renters know the basics about searching for an apartment. Make a budget, prioritize your amenities and decide if you want a roommate. However, there are other points you may want to consider in your St. Louis rental apartment search. “If you are realistic and organized, finding the right apartment does not have to be stressful,” said Steve Barron, of Philip H. Barron Realty in St. Louis. Here are some additional considerations to help with your apartment search.

Start Your Search Early: Don’t assume that the process will only take one day. If you are looking in multiple areas, consider the travel time between them. Schedule appointments in advance, and make sure to confirm the meeting on the day of the showing.

Prioritize and Compare: Sit down and make a short list of your apartment wants and needs. Decide what is important, and what you can live without. Use this list to stay focused, and then compare all of the variables to decide what is best for you.

Determine expenses and amenities: Provided amenities can greatly impact your monthly expenses. Make sure that you know what is included in the monthly rent (heat, hot water, sewer, etc.), and what the costs might be if these expenses are your responsibility. Find out if there are additional amenities such as basement storage, on-site laundry facilities and parking. Determine if the property is pet friendly, and if there are any additional costs or restrictions. Ask specific questions about the condition of the building: the age of the windows; the age of the plumbing; and if the HVAC systems are individually or master controlled. If the building has not been updated or improved in many years, you might need to budget additional funds to make up for the building’s inefficiencies.

Consider Location: Choosing the right location is very important, and this decision will have an impact your monthly expenses. Don’t forget to calculate the time it will take to commute to work or school, and be sure to determine if there is easy access to highways and public transportation. Make sure the area stores meet your needs. If you have a long commute, or cannot easily access the grocery store, be sure to factor the value of your time when making your decision.

Check Out the Neighborhood: Consider the safety and stability of the neighborhood. St. Louis has an abundance of architecturally significant apartments that are situated in older and established communities. Make sure you chose an area that makes you feel comfortable, and does not put you on edge. Because of the unique character and diverse floor plans, neighborhood apartment buildings will typically provide a richer living experience than apartment complexes that offer identical cookie cutter units. An equally important consideration is the appearance of the property. Do you like the look of the building? Are the common areas well maintained and professionally landscaped? Are the hallways clean and well lit?

Pay Attention to How You Are Treated: The way you are treated by the office staff on the phone and in person is a good gauge of how you will be treated as a tenant. Pay attention to how helpful they are in meeting your needs.

Don’t hesitate: The St. Louis apartment rental market can be very competitive. If you find an apartment you like, have your deposit ready and don’t be afraid to commit. If it feels right…do it.

About Philip H. Barron Realty
Philip H. Barron Realty is a family-owned real estate investment firm that has been providing outstanding apartment living to the St. Louis area for over 60 years. Barron properties are located in Clayton, University City, Brentwood, the Central West End and the City of St. Louis. The company has a distinctive position in the St. Louis apartment community as they specialize in renovating vintage apartment buildings from the 1920s and 1930s. The company’s goal is to give new life to buildings that have become physically and functionally obsolete. Barron Realty creates market rate housing that people want to live in, located in neighborhoods where people want to live. For more information, visit www.barronrealty.com or call 314-725-1949.

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