Another Innovation from That Makes Investors More Accessible to their Target Audience

Published: Wed Dec 27 2006

Today,, powered by Credentrust Software, has introduced its new landing page program for all investors. This program is targeted to those iBank users without their own personal web page. This new landing page will give these users a chance to be seen by potential small business borrowers and will help investors get their pertinent information out into the World Wide Web.

“This gives the smaller investors a chance to compete with the bigger firms for customers on the internet,” said Peter Gray, Senior Business Development Manager. “We’ve created an avenue for all investors to promote themselves to web-savvy entrepreneurs.”

These new landing pages will help investors by placing their name, address, phone numbers and mission statement on a contact page within’s Advanced Capital Search Engine. Capital seeking businesses can review this information, which will give these investors access to more market-share over the internet. The investor won’t have to hassle with the cost of creating a full scale website and any problems or glitches will be handled by Credentrust Software and Globix, the hosting company. This landing page can be created at any time for a one time setup fee of $150 and a $5 a month hosting fee.

“Our Capital Center was launched in October and we want to help our investors and small business owners as much as possible,” said CEO and Chairman Tom Markel. “Creating web pages for our investors is one of the many services we provide for our incoming investors. We are here to help the small business owner succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, which means matching up investors willing to take a chance on small companies. Connecting the two through functional web pages is the answer.”

Based in Costa Mesa, Calif.,, is America’s largest online small business Finance network. The network helps small businesses collect and store all business information inside a secure online VAULT; it helps create a digital loan package, and insurance and investor application packages. Formed in 1999, utilizes advanced search engine technology, and numerous other online tools for communication and connecting in real time with a nationwide network of loans, insurance and capital sources for a faster, easier, and lower cost experience.
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